Oh I know, I really have given myself a challenge. Was it too much? Yuk. They are solid machines and I love mine. When it comes to sewing power the fight between Janome and Juki is very clear. If not what is a good reliable brand? I did my research. The HZL Series of computerized models has gained increased popularity for innovative features, excellent stitch quality and ease of operation. Do you have other machines like a longarm at home or is this your only machine? Very likely your 700 was made in Bernina’s plant in Thailand. At the very least you should try to sell it. I also hanker after a Bernina! These are often used in classrooms. So I will withhold judgement until they have been around long enough to be proven. The reason I am asking is because I have several friends over the world with the same machines, same sewing process, and they have never had this issue. Period. Your advise will be greatly appreciated to help me with my decision. For the money, you can’t beat the B215 either, but it’s a small machine. Good luck to you! I might have to check further. However, here’s a link to a website talking about the Singer 401G http://www.toolfool.org/sewing/401G.htm Right at the moment my 830 is working properly but owning it has been a frustrating and expensive experience. All the rest of their regular line Bernina machines are produced in a Bernina plant in Lamphun Thailand, built in 1990. I need a repair to an old Elna overlocker (serger) late !980’s model. I know this doesn’t narrow it down much, but you really need to go in to a dealer and sew a bit to discover what you like. Only the longarms are made there. So that leaves us with NO domestic sewing machines being made in the U.S.(that I have discovered.). Click on this link to get to their page on manuals. Baby Lock sergers may be a differnt case or source however. Those are things to think about. They were designed by Sharon Schambers, who is an expert on most things sewing/quilting. The new bernettes are nice machines with the same interface as the real Berninas. I’m inclined to always go with a new machine as I like the Bernina 20 year warranty on mechanical parts. I always recommend that people purchase a machine they can grow into. I am thinking of replacing an old Pfaff I purchased over 25 years ago. The latest Juki model TL-2010Q for quilting and straight stitching has a growing reputation as the highest quality machine in its class on the market today. Thanks so much for your time I will look in to those two But no one from either organization will clarify. Sorry I can’t buy from you in the U.S. but your site full of advice is wonderful. Not because I didn’t know the answer or was embarrassed by the answer. Bernina has a LOT of free training online, and Babylock has a lot available, but you pay for it. But what is known is that the company was first formed in 1938 when a group of machinery manufacturers in Tokyo invested in a company called Tokyo Juki Manufacturers Association. But a 770 should be a 770 anywhere. But keep in mind that the parts will be harder and harder to find for that older model. Have never experienced embroidery/quilting so don’t know if I would get into that or not. It should also be considered a sewing *computer* more than just a sewing machine. I know they must be out there, but are hard to find. Although Juki grew to become an industrial sewing machine giant, the original sewing machines produced were home machines. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? I am an out of practice once intermediate seamstress. The only problem I see with it, is that if you ever want to hem pants etc., the table doesn’t drop to give you the ability to work on a sleeve or pant leg. The designated engineers will involve from the beginning of the project... Juki corporation, the parent company of Juki India Pvt.Ltd, has been a world leader in sewing machine technology for over 80 years. They need to help you use the machine. And if any of this gets you worked up, don’t even think about researching your food. Quilt foot: I don’t need a full on quilting machine While I do not have access to manufacturing costs, I do understand dealer margins and exactly what goes into the research, development, and manufacturing of these products. Have fun! While I have no issues with the distributor of this machine in NZ. Their US headquarters is located in Mahwah, New Jersey. Having trouble finding a new belt so may be in the market for a new machine. Things you should consider: Will you be traveling with this machine a lot, i.e., classes, retreats? Otherwise, I am a big fan…great for piecing. This had been a question posed to me, so I followed up with HandiQuilter. Does it feel solid? Good luck with your selection! Any machine can be good for piecing and making masks. I know they’re running a trade-in, trade-up promo til the end of the month. Also, Janome owns the Swiss company Elna which is manufactured at the Janome factories. When did organ music become associated with baseball? So I doubt it will be as good of quality. Per the internet, Pfaff, since around 2015, is wholly owned by ShanGong (Europe) Holding Corp., GmbH, a subsidiary of SGSB Group Co.Ltd,, a Chinese investment group. I hope you have better luck with your passport 2 than I have had. Came across your article doing research on purchasing a new machine. The Viking Designer Diamond Deluxe was also a very good machine, so I am not surprised you’ve had great luck with it. The PQ has always had tension issues. This is a list of notable sewing machine brands and companies.A sewing machine is a machine used to stitch fabric and other materials together with thread. I welcome corrections or additional information. It’s perfect and you won’t break needles. Things like lighting and other advances have made new machines just a dream. JUKI SEWING MACHINE. That’s when Viking was made in Sweden. Thank you so much for the very informative reply. Then it would shut down unexpectedly during embroidering. Drove an 1 1/2 to a Pfaff dealer and they said it was the old wiring in my house (house was 2 years old). In fact, they’ve had lots of years now, to tweak any issues they may have had with the 8 series. (And if you cannot find any, the newer Bernina hook system is just fine. Author’s Note: Tacony sold Nancy’s Notions to Missouri Star quilt Company May 27, 2020. I find myself using both machines for aspects of the same project. Are the Bernina machines manufactured differently for the US market vs the rest if the world? I just cannot find any reviews on this Epic 980Q. I have never had this issue on my Singer or Brother… ONLY on my Berninas. Lots of time doing things other than sewing. They called Bernina tech support, and the guy couldn’t understand that I was fme, NOT the computer module. Baby Lock sergers are MOSTLY made in Japan, where they own a number of factories. Size of hoop is a big plus. A good internet search should produce more results for you. Inter state form of sales tax income tax? Some of these really deep features, even on the Bernina 880, are interesting to demonstrate, but no one ever uses them. The B880, the Q20 and Q24 are made in Switzerland. I love my 5 Berninas. I have been sewing for 58 years learned in a singer store. Totally agree. Since everyone raves about how good Bernina’s are. Tell them who your dealer is and how they have not been helpful. They still manufacture there, but only the very highest end machines. Suzanne From the day I got it I had constant needle breaks, nesting and was really frustrated. I have not heard anything specific about the Regalia. I was in a group of mediums and everyone said you supposed to be sewing. But for my money, Babylock has been perfecting their sergers for a long, long time. This is about economics. There is no other way to explain their rise in the sewing machine industry. Do you want to use it for quilting or just piecing? Your best bet would be to check garage or estate sales, thrift stores junk shops, repair shops, and antique dealers, not to mention lower end auctions. When released to the American market, these machines were considered a major breakthrough in home sewing capabilities and became quite famous in the market. Change settings? Their customer service line left me on hold for over 20 minutes in the middle of the day, when I called their US Headquarters located in Bridgewater, New Jersey. The reasoning behind that conclusion is that these older models do not have a modern equivalent.