Lettuce is one of the most used leafy green out there. gaia6b. 8: Lettuce. These planters … Plant roots in the garden are 4 to 6" deep. For more personalized answers please send a picture, tell us what plant … Pots that are wider than tall also inhibit over watering. How to Plant Succulents in Shallow Dishes. Grow them directly from seeds. I'm planting a garden of sorts for my husband's office. Container Planting Tips. As a general rule, hybrid and dwarf varieties of plants are usually a good bet in pots, as they require less space to grow. For the sun-loving plants that don’t do well in wet soil, think about getting unglazed ceramic pots … Shallow planters - what to plant? Lettuce grows great in shallow containers. No matter what specific plants you decide to grow, there are some handy tips about container gardening that can help you out. Root rot for sure. Hello there, sources of wisdom on whom I rely! 14 years ago. This is an urban environment with brick planters, very little sun. Sturdy, adaptable plants that survive by storing moisture in their fleshy stems, succulents include cacti (Opuntia spp.) Plants can grow in partial shade but full sunlight is required for better and vigorous growth and huge harvests. Too much soil and not enough roots to suck up the water, and no drain hole? Below, you’ll find a list of the top 11 types of veggies to grow in pots, … You can grow … 95 percent of all plant roots are within this shallow zone.