Sushi Striker is a diamond in the rough in Nintendo’s Switch lineup. I'd rather spend the money on some actual sushi. It caught my interest before, but after the demo it caught my wallet. Demo was okay and I want to play the game in full. You could use either the console in its handheld mode and stack plates using the analog stick, you could use the analog on the detached joy cons or simply use the touchscreen. It SHOULDN'T be addictive but somehow is. The presentation is great, but I didn't really care for the gameplay or concept. I AM ALL-IN on this gem. When going into every battle, players will have to come up with different strategies depending on the situation. I'm in love with this game!! (I think it is hilarious that somebody was bothered enough to coin a phrase), I really liked the demo it got me hooked but that price tag tho. I figured the gameplay was the fault. I love the music, characters, and story idea, so I can't wait! You do this by linking together plates of the same colour to make towering stacks – the higher the stack, the more damage you can dish out. So pre ordered it. @Ryu_Niiyama Haha! Given that this an action puzzler requiring precision, might the 3DS version with a stylus be the better choice? There’s a full listing of these available in the menu, which fills in when you collect them, and they level up as you take them into battle. @NEStalgia Hmm i think once you start using the driver to speed up the lanes strategy gets decently involved or you can't get 20+ sushi. Try demo before you buy. Can't wait to get my hands on the full game. Thanks! Scoring PolicyReview copy provided by Nintendo. It’s a welcome addition, of course, but the main story definitely trumps the multiplayer in terms of content and overall appeal. I want this game, but the touch controls on the Switch will take some getting used to. That said this game feels like it would work well as a 3DS title so I got it for that platform instead. On top of these core foundations that sit at the centre of each battle, you’ll also need to manage special abilities, hold items, and various battle tweaks and alterations available to you in the game’s menu. With so many great games out there, the price point is a huge deal breaker. My reaction time felt faster and I was more accurate in my plate-stacking. I liked the demo, but not enough to buy it. The game feels incredibly polished, with a mostly satisfying battle system that gets surprisingly deep, and beautifully presented cutscenes that progress the story along nicely. LOL, I don't know, anybody that bought a Switch has to like colorful things. While it's definitely not for everyone, Sushi Striker is a ridiculous romp that will certainly be enjoyed by those looking for a quirky mash-up of genres with lovable, funny characters. Did not enjoy the demo tried it twice, like an iPad game but waaaaaaaay too prices, ninty must be on drugs if they think they can charge £40 for this. I thought I would like the touch controls but somehow I do better with the joy-cons. I’ll be picking this up! Day one on 3DS probably the superior version after all this game was created for the 3DS then ported to switch im surprise not to see the 3DS review first. The Switch version feels like something they never intended it to be. Others at the event preferred playing in handheld mode, so it's great that the game gives players options. The only problem I had with the demo is that if I pressed the screen too hard, I could not link plates. @ParaParaKing I believe the demo had the Japanese voices choice. You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. @jcgonzmo Well, it's 40 in Europe, but anyway. This is one I had no interest in ... until I played the demo. Players can choose normal or chaos battles. It’s quite a lengthy introduction, but one that's full of charm and quality. The cutscenes are cool but the gameplay is clearly free to play mobilesq... Get that garbage out here! A puzzle game as an RPG battle system is really different than a pure puzzle game. Pre-ordered and preloaded. I thought the cutscenes were really lame and that the humor was very juvenile. Loved the demo. I loved the demo. The controls did not feel as precise as I hoped (I actually think it would player better on 3DS tbh) and I ended up just more or less randomly picking up plates and throwing them eventually. It has a weird addictive quality. I was pleasantly surprised when I was almost heartbroken by the abrupt ending to the demo. It’s not for everyone, but if you like quick-combo puzzle games and cute anime style cutscenes/interactions, it’s surprisingly a lot of fun! Sure, this game is "very, very Japanese"....but I assumed that wouldn't be off-putting to Nintendo customers. The story is really funny and well made, the gameplay is really deep with 100 sushi sprites to collect and the graphics has a nice style and make for a top notch presentation. Sushi Striker takes place in a world where sushi has been made forbidden by its ruling empire. Nintendo clearly saw a diamond in the rough in the prototype and decided to give it a lot of attention. I enjoyed the demo. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. Parmi les annonces du Nintendo Direct, il y a eu une rapide parenthèse sur Sushi Striker : The Way of Sushido que l’on avait déjà vu en début d’année. $15 is my personal limit. Once activated, you'll freeze your opponent. 9/10 in my book. Can't justify that price for a matching game though, demo was alright. This is Nintendo at its weirdest, but that's precisely what makes Sushi Striker so endearing. I loved the demo so much, that I'm willing to excuse its price tag. @kirbygirl maybe but I played the demo with my finger and it wasn't hard at all. Nintendo vs Sony: How the PlayStation Was Born. I'll have to wait for a deep discount. Didn't like the demo at all. The most important thing to note is that the battles are great to play, with every giant plate stack combo bringing yet another course of tasty satisfaction. These gears can change how fast and slow your lanes move in battle. It was awful. Although we had somebody quit my night job so i may still get it this month...yay OT. Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido is an action-puzzle video game developed by indieszero and Nintendo. Ryan can list the first 151 Pokémon all in order off by heart – a feat he calls his ‘party trick’ despite being such an introvert that he’d never be found anywhere near a party.