The city main attractions include the Castillo de la Real Fuerza, the National Capitol Building (an iconic 1920s landmark), the baroque Catedral de San Cristóbal and Plaza Vieja. The highest-ranking university in Cuba is University of Havana, which is ranked at number 1001+. The CUP is only used for local transportation, to buy fresh fruits and vegetables on the street and in some local restaurants. Most Cubans who can afford to do so eat at paladar particulares. In Havana, for example, there are 17 main routes and run about every 10 minutes. Enter: Cuba, a Caribbean island nation unlike any other. This program runs during the fall, the J-Term, and the spring and summer. Cuba has 1 university in the overall Times Higher Education World University Rankings. You pay as you board the bus, and prices vary -- for example, a trip from Santiago de Cuba to Guantánamo will cost about $0.20CUC. They cost about $10CUC for a three-hour journey, so a 15-hour journey will cost you about $50CUC. "If I had to design my ideal study abroad program, the end result couldn't be better than this program in Cuba. You'll get full access to our website, print and digital editions. Here are some of the best ways to get around the country and the average costs of each. Going with an organization like TCF is something I recommend everyone to do. There is tons to explore, from the Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca, a 17th-century fortress overlooking the bay, to all the historical Spanish colonial structures around the plaza. Americans can now use their debit cards to withdraw funds from ATM, banks, and government exchange facilities, called Cadecas, but bringing cash with you is a wiser move. If you have your heart set on studying abroad in Cuba, here's all you need to know to make it happen. Locals tend to take Astro buses more because they’re cheaper (partially because they’re not air-conditioned) -- but finding a seat is difficult and they often break down. You can find these guesthouses via a number of sites: Note that an official casa particular should display a small plaque or sticker that suggests that it’s indeed a government sanctioned casa. Times Higher Education World University Rankings take the top institutions in the world, and look at their performance across all of their core objectives: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. Each city has a provincial and municipal bus stop with camiones departures, which run on a loose schedule. Orchids and palm trees pepper the western town lined with colorful, colonial-era wooden homes and a Municipal Museum that tells the stories of the region’s history. Explore the university of Cuba below - we’ve pulled together some information that we hope will help you to decide where to study. Since you’ll be living in Cuba while studying abroad, you’ll probably want to know that there are two types of restaurants serving up two different types of food -- there are state-run restaurants and privately run restaurants. Cuba’s capital city, Havana, is lined with Spanish colonial architecture in its 16th-century Old Havana core. This three- or four-week course runs during the summer and the winter in the new year. To apply, contact the Cuban Consulate in your home country and request information, as requirements vary from one country to another. This means that the internet in Cuba is not necessarily reliable. We average these scores, compare them to other Costa Rica programs, and take into account the total number of reviews each program has received. The rooms for rent will either have their own private bathroom or a shared bathroom with other visitors, but it will not be shared with the family -- these are not traditional “homestays.”. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in digital literacy workshops with community members, work with local radio stations in rural and urban settings, visit indigenous and Afro-Nicaraguan communities on the Caribbean Coast and spend 10 days in Cuba. Compare what each bank is offering with this comprehensive table, This guide outlines the cost of fees, accommodation, lifestyle and financial assistance options if you are planning to study in New Zealand, This guide outlines the cost of fees, accommodation, lifestyle and financial assistance options if you are planning to study in Australia. Most casa particulares charge from CUC$15 to CUC$25 in the low season and CUC$20 to CUC$35 in the high season. Havana is an obvious choice for non-Spanish speakers, as the capital city lures tons of international travelers each year and caters to visitors. Then, on August 15, 1511, the first governor of Cuba, the Spanish conquistador Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, founded the city. For example, Mastercard lifted its block on card transactions in Cuba on March 1, 2017, but the country’s outdated technology is not set up to accept it. Essentially, state-run restaurants care less about the quality of food since the government funds them regardless of whether or not they make a profit. Choosing where to study for a degree in Cuba is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. It’s especially unique because it was founded by the French, rather than the Spanish. Remember that just because you’re learning Spanish in school doesn’t mean that it’ll 100 percent help you in the real world. I am a native Spanish speaker, and a Latin American studies major. As of September 2015 and until 2017, Americans could not withdraw money or pay with a debit or credit card while in Cuba (Cuba is still largely a cash economy, anyway). In total, we compared over 250 reviews to determine which programs should be included on this list. Documentary Film Short Course at EICTV Cuba. These are also known locally as almendrones, which are shared taxis (usually colorful 1950s-era cars with taxi signs in the window) that travel along fixed routes. Here are some other highlights from alumni reviews of The Cuba Fellowship: Study with the world-renowned International Film & Television School (EICTV), Cuba. And, "I had an incredible experience studying abroad in Cuba through IFSA-Butler. The city is recognized for its Afro-Cuban culture. It’s home to the Arco de Triunfo that commemorates Cuban independence, which makes it worth a visit for students interested in Cuba’s rich history. I maximized my experience in Cuba thanks to the. We’ve also pulled in information about how much Cuba is investing in its higher education, and also how many people live there. AnnaMarie is a freelance writer who studied abroad in Rabat, Morocco during her time as a student at Gettysburg College. For some students, however, the culture shock is part of the appeal. Privately owned restaurants (also known as paladar particulares) are typically more focused on the customer experience since they’re dependent upon profits to keep in business. Havana is beautiful, and there's a lot of fun things to do and see. While the US government now tentatively allows Americans to pay with credit cards in Cuba, finding merchants that accept them could be difficult. Visas to study in Cuba. From there, our goal is to choose those programs which are truly the best: They have more and better reviews than the average for similar programs and are verified by enough reviews for us to feel confident giving our stamp of approval.