But that can be offset by other benefits. What are the Best Screws for Steel Studs? For a metal bed frame vs a wood frame, each has its own benefits. Steel is also more labour intensive, and consequently tradies charge more to work around steel when compared to timber. In favor of wood framing. Wood pole barns use nails and truss plates to assemble the main building framing and trusses. The general verdict is that it definitely can, and since steel is much more lightweight than wood, it wouldn’t cause the wood to be worn or stretched down. A wall built with metal studs is practically fireproof, for example. Steel Frame vs Wood Frame Resiliency. For smaller beds and for metal bed frames with standard metal, the cost can be substantially less expensive compared to wood bed frames. Since we were building a BIG tiny house, we needed to think about weight all the time. As moisture content in the wood framing changes, the lumber contracts and expands. However, when dealing with larger-sized beds that may require a sturdier metal, or when preferring a sturdier metal on its own merit, wood bed frames can be a more economical option. When choosing between a steel frame vs wood frame building, it’s important to consider how it will hold up over time. Weight: Depending on the gauge used, steel studs can be 10% lighter than wood (based on a 2.5" wide 43 mil steel stud compared to 2x4" wood stud). While steel frames are available on the Australian market, they are nowhere near as popular as timber frames. And, they last a very long time. Steel Frame Homes: Pros and Cons. Steel framing can cost between 3 and 15% more than wood. Here’s a comparison between the two so you can decide between steel and timber for your new home build. There’s a huge debate over whether or not a steel stud can be used in a wooden frame. This means that in general the cost for a steel frame home vs a wood frame home will be higher, both for the materials themselves as well as the cost of building the home. Metal Studs Vs. Wood? The initial cost of steel framing is higher than that of wood framing, with some experts attributing the difference to labor costs. Steel-frame buildings are shown to better withstand forces of nature such as earthquakes, high winds, heavy snow, and hurricanes than do those with wood framing. What’s the Deal with That? Since metal studs don’t warp or rot, like wooden studs inevitably do, they will likely still be in your walls, doing their job, long after you have passed on. Metal Buildings vs Wood Buildings for Workshops & Garages Posted on September 14, 2017 by Barry Clifton When considering building a workshop or garage for your vehicles, tools, storage or equipment, knowing the differences between building materials gives you … While both timber and steel frames have their pros and cons, we believe timber is the ideal frame for all newly built homes.