Try to get a fuel converter, 3 last sectors have much less starbases to shop so you need to have another option here, SOS and late game gas planet farming can stack up a lot of permanent damage which cannot be repaired by your crew. The cat pet is mostly useless so I craft a DIY cryo recorder and let him sleep all the time for more free money from dreaming. Always run through this checklist mentally, before you dump or convert resources. Try to ensure that you have a very low organics burn rate when travelling around the system map. They typically will give you 50+ credits for the exotic, plus 15 or so of some resource, making it a great deal. Keep all the people who need more than 4-5 food in your gardens or cryos when not in combat, save a peace template and a combat template in the left menu so you can switch around when situation change. Our Shortest Trip to Earth +12 trainer is now available for version 1.2.9 and supports STEAM. Keep 3-4 on hand for traders who you don't wish to buy their wares from. Written by Baron Von Flakmeister / Aug 20, 2019 This is my experience with The Endurance Ship, the first ship I play from launch, but you get the general ideas. Always consider these when you're in excess. Content is available under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless otherwise noted. If you see them sold in starbases, buy them all for ~150-250 each and scrap them for exotics. the Shortest Trip to Earth guide for Player ships, Ship Modules, Tutorials and more written and maintained by the players. If you happen to have several low-organics-needs crew members with high research capability, it can be easily worthwhile to have a research module for when you're moving around on the map. It's rare, but keep an eye out for stations which are willing to buy a resource from you for the full price. You do NOT want to have to dump resources, and the convert to fuel option is only marginally better than dumping (it converts at a horrible 10:1 ratio). It might be worthwhile to switch off the auto repair feature, and micro this manually, if / when necessary. Remember that you can switch modules on the fly. If you happen to have modules which convert from one resource to another, they can be a good option to use, if you find yourself with excess materials. Written by Eurotrash / Sep 5, 2019 An overall strategy guide to the game, in its 1.0, post-release state, aimed at beginner and intermediate players. It can be worth it to sell a bit extra in these cases. Towards the late game, if you are doing well, metal might also be in a massive surplus. -5 is the norm, but this number can easily go to -15 or more. The mining lasers when scraped can give you a ton of exotics for trade (20-30 exotic for dual/triple mining laser IIRC). They can (and should be) powered off to redirect power to weapons and shields. Of course, this is in addition to the number of slots on the ship in the first place. Another option might be crafting, though these tend to be sub-optimal, and you generally don't have space for modules, if you're in an excess situation. Nuke Runner Ship Guide. Crysleep modules which generate income don't tell you how much they make, but in my experience, it can be pretty decent, equalling the output of research modules. This is because you should be visiting basically every point of interest on the system map, and taking every fight (unless your ship is unusually weak in combat). If you remove them, you will temporarily be in an "excess" state, meaning movement on the map is not allowed, but no other negative factors will be applied. Similarly, weapons cannot charge while swapping places. Jump to: navigation, search. Exotics are essentially alternate currency. If the station you're in happens to have lots of capacity to buy your resources, consider scrapping unused modules you may have forgotten about. A slightly positive number would be even better, if possible. Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding existing ones. In some cases, it can be worthwhile to keep two engines on hand, and to keep swapping them, though the notes about sanity do applier here as well. DIY nukes and DIY EMP guns are some of the best weapons in the game (one is cheap and one has ~45 DPM vs shield, do your math). Replace cryos with gardens as much as possible (normally I have 3 T4 garden in my ships). Depending on your ship and storage options, it might be difficult to even amass this much metal, so plan ahead. Few things sink a ship faster than having another -60 organics consumption all of a sudden. Organics making modules don't just make food, they also automatically zero the assigned crew's organics needs! Shortest Trip to Earth - Overall Strategy Guide. Crew like this should either be in cryosleep, or producing organics. Straight after such an upgrade, you probably also want to have a little bit of metal on hand for emergency repairs, in case you have a bad fight. Your main source of income will probably be / should be selling of resources you've won through events and fights. Try to keep a nice empty buffer in your stores for most resource types (with some exceptions). Try to keep a spare cryosleep module in storage, in case your main one takes a hit and gets destroyed. Shortest Trip to Earth - Pumpkin Hammer Ship Guide, Shortest Trip to Earth - Atlas Ship Guide, Shortest Trip to Earth - Rogue Rat Ship Guide, Shortest Trip to Earth - Fierce Sincerity Ship Guide, Shortest Trip to Earth - Tigerfish Ship Guide. This makes them far more useful than they initially seem. Some weapons use metals to fire, and they can be good alternatives to explosives based weapons. Aim to have at least enough crew for all your bridge, weapons and shields (it is good to put your best shooter on point defence in some encounter) and some 2-3 guys as backup for nasty losing crew events, buy many robots as you can afford, they are cheap to maintain and act as cannon fodder vs boarding and fires (i have like >20 robots in the end). Metals are fairly important for repairing your ship, and also critical for upgrading core slots to hybrid and then weapons slots. The starter ship actually has hybrid slots in the top / bottom left of the ship, and you can move your PD here on the fly. You can also completely replace them just before (or during) combat with weapons, point defence, structural integrity modules, etc. Get a lab robot in the beginning for your DIY lab so you get free money when you run around. Other Shortest Trip to Earth Guides: Pumpkin Hammer Ship Guide. Switch to laser / EMP weapons as fast as you can to save resources. For shield favor, the ones cost you less power, you want at least 2 shields to be effective. Shortest Trip to Earth: Simple Drone Guide. Formerly known as Rogue Ambassador, Shortest Trip To Earth is a top down spaceship-simulator with heavy emphasis on life inside the Mothership, tactical … At some point, you will likely find yourself having far more of some resources than you can reasonably sell, so it's important to start this trend as soon as you're doing well. Fuel can be problematic to source, so it is generally better to have a terrible engine which has good fuel efficiency, than to have a top tier engine which requires 50 fuel to move. When scrapping to free up space, always scrap in the order that makes most sense - starting with modules which only give you resources you have a lot of storage for, and / or modules which yield fewer resources (a slot is a slot, etc). Guides » Shortest Trip to Earth - Overall Strategy Guide. Save gas and time on your next trip. Stock your ECM / artifact with combat bonus / armour plate in your storage and switch them with your gardens / labs only when combat starts to minimize you food consumption and maximize your money printing capacity. Consider that container modules are similarly not useful during combat. Obviously, always be on battle readiness before any sector exit nodes. If you go heavy in explosive weapons, stealth detection is a must to avoid warp lifes because you can lose ~40 explosives to escape them. They can generally be sold en-masse to stations for decent money, and upgrading to weapons slots also requires 10 (I think). You can kick out the unwanted crew when you dock in most of starbases, you need to zoom out in hangar mode to see the option to move your crew out of your ship. Since the slowest part seems to be the unfreezing of the cryo process, and this is instant out of battle, you generally don't have to wait for your ship to reach full battle readiness.