Serta’s iComfort mattress range is priced between $1299 and $3499 for a standard Queen set (including foundation), according to their website. Serta vs Tempurpedic: Reviews * Estimate to partial estimate due to model newness. firm soft, Read answers → //-->. I dedicate my time as a sleep disorder coach in Kansas, working with dozens of clients. Are you part of that 26%? The queen-sized Serta iComfort Savant III Plush is an amazing pick if you’re going for a bed with this brand. SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) company rating of "C+" for Serta is determined by averaging the above company ratings. padding. Got any sleep hacking tips you'd like to share? your criteria. Thickness of the various mattress layers is available but not material density. Aside from perhaps somewhat overstated claims regarding mattress coolness, Serta is essentially factual in its claims and product presentation. I’m kept a busy man as the senior reviewer of the various gear we get sent here at Hack To Sleep. suggest an edit. You can feel the difference in this mattress from the moment you touch it. Off gassing is a chemical-like odor that a mattress may release when new. Please note we do not accept guest posts. Over the last four years we have grown a small team reviewing dozens of sleep products, answering your sleep related questions, and posting guides that we hope will help anybody who has suffered from insomnia. Serta iComfort on average is significantly more expensive than both the average mattress and those mattresses with generally similar specifications. It provides a firm and long-lasting support system. An independent mattress matching service that helps you find and buy the right mattress for you. The various iComfort models have tended to rate similar to one another (74%). available mattresses, in addition to other online options that match Tempurpedic sells foundations and bases separately, so you will need to factor this into the overall final cost of your new bed if you choose them over Serta. Apparently sweet slumber comes at a price, as both brands are priced in at the expensive end of the market. Tempurpedic are famous as the original inventors of memory foam, and their mattresses have really set the standard for the last few years. . My job is to provide some insights in to why we dream of certain images and memories – or get trapped in the same nightmares. At the Serta website, reviews posted there cannot be sorted. Good sleep solutions are in high demand right now and Tempurpedic and Serta have some of the hottest options available to consumers — as well as some of the most expensive. The 8” Serta Ultimate Edge Foam Core is the foundation for the advanced iComfort CF mattress comfort layers. As somebody who has suffered from chronic back pain since his mid-20s, I know how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep on a bad bed. There are 2 ratings on GoodBed for the CF4000 Soft, but no reviews yet. Consumer reviews, product line details, available models, retailers, purchasing options, and more. This site is part of the Amazon affiliate program.