Incident was caught on video and happened outside Trump golf club in Sterling, Virginia as pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators awaited his arrival. The owner of a Pakistani restaurant in Washington, D.C., is receiving some much-needed help after he provided it to those without anything to eat. China's latest trip to the moon is another milestone in the Asian powerhouse's slow but steady ascent to the stars. the hydrogen wall. Top News. More than 100 service members have COVID-19 at a single base in Iraq, but the doctor in charge says the invisible enemy has united the troops in a way he's never seen. China has launched a spacecraft to the moon to bring back lunar rocks in the evening. increased risk of requiring intubation when hospitalised with coronavirus. Astrophysicists have detected a burst of cosmic radio waves within our solar system for the first time and identified its source, according to research published Wednesday that sheds new light on one of the mysteries of the Universe. Archaeologists have discovered the bodies of two men who died during so-called second pyroclastic flow, after the initial eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 1. 'A captive market': U.S. border closure keeps Black Friday shoppers in Canada, Canadian Raphael Lessard joins GMS Racing for 2021 NASCAR trucks season, Edmunds: Black Friday car deals may not be as bountiful, Loblaw to launch Canada's first autonomous delivery fleet in December, Fossil fuels to decline but remain big player in Canada's energy use by 2050: report, Dimming Sun's rays could ease climate impacts in Africa, Greenhouse gas levels at new high, despite COVID-19 measures, As COVID-19 restrictions discourage singing, carollers adapt their performances, B.C. Hubble Space Telescope images of Pluto, its largest moon Charon, and tinier moons Styx, Nix, Hydra and Kerberos show the odd rhythmic Variation in a genetic mutation among Indians may be the main reason behind the difference in the death rates due to COVID-19 across various states of the country, says a study that could inform new policies for controlling the novel coronavirus pandemic. pm. The holidays may look a little different this year due to the pandemic, but they will still happen -- even in space. to remove their earphones from time-to-time. the International Space Station as part of the SpaceX Crew-1 mission. The compound luminol used at crime scenes can kill the It's OK to ask, 'Robbed of our life': Pandemic causes unprecedented disruptions in cancer research, Nikon photo contest reveals the miniature worlds that surround us, NASA makes history with sample of asteroid soil, Calmer and less curious: How dogs' personalities change as they age, Scientists have measured time in zeptoseconds more than a century after Einstein's theory, Wildfire smoke in U.S. exposes millions to hazardous pollution, Watch: SpaceX, NASA launch Sentinel-6 Satellite to measure sea-level rise, Nobel winner Jennifer Doudna’s advice for young scientists: ‘Go for it’, Joint winners of Nobel Prize for Chemistry proud to be ‘female leaders’ in science, Where space and time commingle: Why black holes fascinate Nobel laureate, Footage released of world’s largest ever nuclear explosion, SpaceX completes test for spacecraft prototype designed for Mars flight, 100 passengers, NASA astronauts make historic splashdown in SpaceX capsule, NASA and SpaceX launch historic mission to Space Station, Confidence and audacity: NASA and SpaceX prepare to launch a new era of space flight, The history (and uncertain future) of the handshake, How the earth sounds during the coronavirus pandemic. An Indian tech start-up is among 10 winners to bag same-day contracts worth up to 53,000 pounds to fast-track the development of their innovations after directly pitching to the UK, US and NATO military leaders their solutions to key challenges within the aerospace and defence industry. The images show two very different faces of the mysterious dwarf planet, one with a series of intriguing spots along the equator that are For the first time, scientists detect the ghostly signal that reveals the engine of the universe, Fifty years later: Earth Day has descended into GOP-driven chaos, experts warn, At the extremes of the Earth, scientists stymied by coronavirus concerns, Scientists describe 'chaos' of being stuck in the field amid coronavirus lockdowns. Hospitals could be overflowing with coronavirus patients in many parts of the country. 1 2. robotic lander InSight was due to touch down on Mars at about 1:30 am IST. NASA high-fived an asteroid for the first time Tuesday evening in a daring mission to better understand the origins of the universe. 1, What started as routine wildlife assistance took an extraterrestrial turn for Utah's Department of Public Safety after officers stumbled upon a mysterious monolith in the middle of rural Utah. Between Hallmark and Lifetime, 74 holiday movies are premiering this season. The successful reintroduction of wild birds in areas where populations had been decimated are a reminder that it is possible to repair past mistakes. November 25, 2020. At least two union ministers today mocked Congress leader Rahul Gandhi for his sarcastic tweet on Prime Minister's Narendra Modi's views expressed during an interaction with Henrik Andersen, head of Danish wind turbine-maker Vestas, a few days ago. Scientists have now found the proof of Covid-19 vaccine may have unpleasant side effects. The FBI wants your help to find it. Thursday, forcing the crew to make an emergency landing. evenly-spaced. Over the course of the investigation, CBS News spoke with nearly two dozen survivors of sexual assault, whistleblowers who worked for the military's Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program and families of suicide victims who say the military grossly mishandled reports of sexual assault. The temporary ban on measures imposed by New York state on religious gatherings won't actually have an impact now as restrictions have been eased in the state. The lunar eclipse in India will start at 1:04 pm and continue till 5:22 The tiny owl, named "Rockefeller," was found hiding in the branches of the towering Christmas tree that serves as a focal point of New York City's holiday season. For reprint rights: Syndications Today, Nasa's latest Mars craft nears landing for unprecedented seismic mission, Isro satellite launch: Geo Eye over Indian Ocean, internet connectivity in J&K, NE, Russian rocket carrying space station crew fails in mid air, all safe, Leak detected in Russian segment of International Space Station, repaired, NASA scientists find outer boundary of solar system, call it hydrogen wall, M 32 is not latest mobile phone but our galaxy sibling lost long ago, Woman sues NASA over piece of moon gifted by Armstrong, Luminol, a compound used in crime scene may combat malaria, Revealed: Solar system's weirdest dance scene, Soon a plane could fly through Venus's atmosphere.