How severe is that potential injury likely to be. The third party must be uninvolved, and must certify that the light curtain is indeed up to standard. • Sensing width of 245 to 2,500 mm. Get your light curtains serviced before they become a problem and a danger to those around them. Type 4 safety light curtains protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by guarding points of operation, access, areas and perimeters. Offering units with no dead zone detection and built-in muting and blanking functions, we can provide you with a solution that is tailored to the needs of your machine. These varieties are based on the scale of protection they provide. Don’t take the chance of only taking a few safety measures. There are safety standards that have to be met, per the guidelines and regulations set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Light curtains must be properly integrated into the machine. As a general guideline, the average Type 4 devices can be anywhere from 15% to 30% more expensive than the average Type 2 device. Therefore, they have fewer safety features and can’t be used in situations where a Type 4 light curtain is called for. Safety Light curtains have high safety standards applied to them as stated in BS EN 61496-1 Safety of machinery, Electro-sensitive protective equipment. How often are people exposed to this machine? This question of the risk level posed by your machine is unquestionably the single most important consideration. One way to do this is to break down your assessment into three areas of examination that can be posed as three separate questions. View light curtain for walk-in protection. This means that they create a curtain of photoelectric light beams between an emitter and a receiver that then sense whenever an object intrudes into this light field. Would you like to learn more or change your cookie preferences? One of the most important aspects of your light curtains, Type 2 or Type 4, is making sure that they are in top working condition. These two types might look similar, but differences between them are significant. An independent third party must certify the light curtain. OSHA has a list of regulations that need to be complied with when it comes to selecting a light curtain. Not only will we repair any damage to your light scanner, but we’ll also run a complete test before we return your equipment to you to ensure that everything is in correct working order. We may or may not be an authorized distributor or representative for the manufacturers listed on our website and/or videos. Available in a 30 mm resolution and up to 1800 mm (5.9 ft) lengths. Sometimes when extra safety is required, a Type 2 light curtain will be used as a secondary level of protection, in addition to other safety measures. Safety Light Curtains (Category 4 / Type 4) Safety light curtains use an array of photoelectric beams to sense intrusion into a plane of detection, offering protection where a … The space saving, compact housing is ideal for smaller machines and constrained areas. And you have to know what risk level your machine poses. Safety Light Curtain (ADVANCED type) • Muting and blanking functions respond to a variety of safety needs. The resolution distance depends on the chosen height and the number of beams. Safety light curtains are safety devices designed to guard potentially dangerous machinery and protect the individuals who will be working with these machines. Models available in 14 & 25 mm resolutions and up to 1810 mm (5.9 ft) lengths with no dead zone. When answering these questions, it’s always better to err on the side of overestimating. If a light curtain is up to OSHA standard, it will state on its product label: This information should help you to determine if the light curtain you are looking to purchase is indeed up to standard with OSHA. Type 2 light curtains are only appropriate for situations where the worst-case potential injury could be easily remedied with a first aid kit. The field of view of the emitter and the receiver is known as the effective aperture angle, or the EAA. If you’re looking for something as finely detailed as finger protection, your options are limited to Type 4 light curtains. An optical short circuit is when an extremely reflective surface gets caught in the light curtain’s field of vision, and may deflect one of the light curtain’s sensing beams. There are a lot of factors at play when deciding between safety light curtain types. In this way, they help to add an extra layer of security around potentially dangerous machinery. As such, this standard was adopted due to the sheer number of malfunctions and failures in devices such as light curtains in the past. • Finger, hand, hand/arm, leg/body protection and presence detection. The term “category” refers to the machine itself, and the way it interacts with protective equipment. Three types of standard/robust types to choose from: Finger protection (SF4B-F_), hand protection (SF4B-H_), arm/foot (SF4B-A_) Light curtains must comply with IEC-61496 parts 1 & 2 adopted as ANSI/UL 61496 parts 1 & 2. However, if you need only hand or body protection, either Type 2 or Type 4 offer this option. This means that if a problem arises, it won’t be detected until after the second test. This applies to not only light curtains, but also to things like laser scanners and optical actuators. A Type 4 light curtain needs to be installed. Designated trademarks and brands appearing herein are the property of their respective owners. They run tests on their internal circuits periodically, with gaps in between where no testing or checking occurs. Consider a second example. Request A Quote. A manufacturing company cannot, for instance, certify their own light curtain. Type 4 light curtains are characterized by repetitive, automated cross-checking for faults and errors. The potential for injury isn’t worth the risk. If you’re going to make a mistake, make the mistake of being over-prepared and taking more precautions than is necessary. Simple tests can be performed at the time of installation to ensure that this error is not occurring. Not only do safety light curtains break down into POC and PAC varieties, but they break down further into different groups known as Type 2 and Type 4. This new standard ensures that light curtains can maintain all safety functions even when they’re subjected to environmental complications such as light interruptions and electromagnetic interference. After all, the main goal of a light curtain is to keep those working with the machine safe and to keep the machine in good working order as well. Even though it may sound like Type 2 light curtains are the lesser option, sometimes they’re all that’s necessary. These parts relate to the functional and electrical safety features for safeguards that sense the presence of a person. Essentially, they’re safety standards. Consider whether you’re going to require POC or PAC protection. • Can be front-mounted, top-mounted or back-mounted in series. What is the worst injury that could occur from interacting with it? How might this look when applied? Our technicians are relied upon every day by experts for help in servicing light curtains. The simple breakdown of those regulations, as found on OSHA’s website, is as follows: Let’s break each of those pieces down a bit more. This doesn’t mean that Type 2 light curtains are ineffective — it just means that they’re only appropriate for situations where the level of risk is far lower. Broken down, here are some of the major differences between Type 2 and Type 4 light curtains. There are other times when the added layers of security in a Type 4 light curtain are necessary and nothing else will do. Safety light curtains protect personnel from injury and machines from damage by creating a sensing screen that guards machine access points and perimeters. This has the potential to affect a light curtain’s ability to sense an object passing through the light field. Type 4 light curtains have EAA of ±2.5 degrees, whereas Type 2 light curtains have the wider angle of ±5 degrees. Deciding Which Type of Light Curtain Is Right for Your Machine. But in the case of safety light curtains, they refer to two very separate things. SLC4 safety light curtains are our shortest, most compact safety light curtains.