Here are … It's set in the past, present and future - and has every aspect of life; comedy, drama and tragedy. Though quite long, all the different time periods and characters keep it refreshing for the whole duration. One my favorites! Every Sci-Fi trope directed in a way that would make Roland Emmerich proud but made in China. With a movie on how women are seen and how they see each other, this was a once-in-a-lifetime casting. It has spectacular monster effects, cheesy acting, its own theme song and aspects that just feels like it was produced on cocaine. I'm fond of magic realism used as training wheels for young adults to get a grip on real life and if you are too, I highly recommend The Little Prince. Check out A Quiet Place, a dystopian action-horror movie from last year. Try out Independence Day, Mad Max Fury Road and Book of Eli. My favorite movie is The Matrix with Inception being a close second, I also thought iRobot was a decent movie and Oblivion was excellent. Fermat's Room has a twist of the protagonists in peril are logicians who need to solve puzzles or the room they're stuck in gets smaller. Considering diving into a movie binge and looking for suggestions for what YOU would consider 5-10 personal 'Must See' mainstream movies in the past 10-15 years. If you're not into the rollicking Blockbusters, then this isn't for you, though I am surprised by the mild Chinese jingoism when they could've went hog wild with this sort of movie. (It honestly still scares me. Cell phones removal is integral to horror plots to prevent the easy out of authorities and I applaud the smart script that made the removal very organic. More posts from the MovieSuggestions community. All of the actors do wonderfully and Tim Curry manages to steal the show while letting each actor shine. What a great blend of genres. It's a non-serious, funny happy-go-lucky female psycho having fun, and I had fun watching it. I just watched Chappie again for the 3rd time since they have released it on Netflix today. Horns Daniel Radcliffe is far from a one-trick-pony, and it was about time I watched something of him not donning a wizard outfit. I’ve never been a huge fan of movies, struggling to sit through one if I’m alone but every now and then I get that itch. How influential? (Is that a saying? Make those Movie Suggestions. The Wandering Earth is stupid fun; make sure your limbs are within the vehicle at all times, ensure your brain is properly stowed away and prepare to have a blast. The changing animation styles to show whether we're in the parable or 'real life' was a nice tough, especially when the two begin to blend. card classic compact. It is still one of the best movies Ive seen and def. The film clearly inspired Star Wars (C3PO looks a lot like the robot Maria) to Bladerunner and Dark City (Metropolis was the first film to feature a huge, dark metropolis city). What would you say to push it up? Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn I've seen many people shitting on this movie, without giving much reason for it. Menu. Lost City of Z is one of those movies that seems to always be just past my docket of movies I want to watch. Based on those, I know it isn’t much, but what are some suggestions for more movies to watch? Post a Suggestion only once per 24 hours. Hated that they tried to rename it "Live, Die, Repeat". I was entranced throughout the entire movie, my options were being mesmerized by what I saw or what she saw. Sadly I'm not much of a bookworm, so I am always happy to see works like this in movie format. The acting, cinematography and period costumes all look great but those pale in comparison to what the lens bore through me. Man, Spaniards sure do know how to make political commentary with their thrillers. Color Out of SpaceThere's no denying that Nicolas Cage has been in quite a few... mediocre productions, so it was refreshing to see him in something I really enjoyed again. Cinema Paradiso (1988): This is one of the very few movies that touched me and brought me to tears. What a beautiful Greek Coming of Age fairy tale. Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl (2015). A psychic sociopath uses and discards people at will finds an honest man who is immune to his powers. Cloud Atlas I absolutely love Wachowski's The Matrix and V for Vendetta, and after having gone on a recent watching-spree of their other works, this was one I assumed I wouldn't like that much, but it grabbed my attention pretty quickly. thoughts on what you think of blue story (2019) ? It's incredibly thrilling all the way through, and the ending is very-well done.9/10, Annihilation (2018)Loved Ex Machina so much, I had to check out Garland's other work. The host of colourful characters and their reasons for wanting to kill Gunther are humourus. The sequel was also enjoyable, but didn't quite capture the magic of the first one. In Mom and Dad, the victims are OKed just by having the kids be kids and the parents staring at The Wall of irrelevance. It doesn't take itself serious at all, like Shoot 'Em Up, and has colors and camera movements that reminded me heavily of Upgrade. Midnight Runners injects Korean New Wave into the 80s Buddy Cop formula and changes it up with the protagonists being students of a police academy. James Gray is an excellent storyteller. Recently I've watched "Hail, Caesar!" I'll definitely check out A Quiet Place, I've seen Bladerunner but that was when I was like 8-10 and I remember enjoying what I understood of it. There were moments that had me thinking of being bored and the film snapped my attention back. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood I didn't have the pleasure of watching Mr. Rogers growing up, so have only watched some clips here and there after I had grown up. It's thrilling to the end and I'll definitely be watching it again soon.9/10, Lost City of Z (2016)Wow. I’ve never been a huge fan of movies, struggling to sit through one if I’m alone but every now and then I get that itch. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)First movie I saw this month, and I almost forgot about it. If you want a bleak, art-house dystopian film check out Michael Haneke's Time of the Wolf (2003). Such great movie. User account menu. A fun, engaging ride in the tradition of Spanish thrillers with social commentary. It’s on my top 10 as well. Snowpiercer Another one frequently mentioned, and with good reason. Though this movie strayed far from my expectations, I still enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed it very much (which for movies, usually have to do with having the right expectations and attitude when watching something). This movie goes from funny gags to the horrors of human cruelty, covering a wide breadth of emotions without the movie running afoul of feeling disjointed. I did not consent to this sojourn. Schwarzenegger is having a ball in this role, instead of the grumpy old man who has got to prove "he's still got it" like in his other Dad Porn films. There's a simple litmus test for your enjoyment of this movie: if you quote Arnold Schwarzenegger lines out in the wild, you'll have a blast. Snake in the Eagle's Shadow is a wuxia comedy in the same vein as a lot of horror comedies. It's a masterclass in editing, the music is awesome, the action is always fun, and the performances are really good. I still wish Neill Blomkamp would have been able to finish the trilogy. Completely forgot to mention minority report, definitely better than iRobot, I think I was just mentioning movies I’ve recently seen. To be honest, it's a bit drier and slower than what I usually prefer, but some days taking in a movie slowly is just what I need. My favorite movie is The Matrix with Inception being a close second, I also thought iRobot was a decent movie and Oblivion was excellent. He tells a very difficult story with this one, and maintains a pretty flowy pace throughout, only stopping to let you awe at the sights you see. Recently a restored version was released featuring scenes from the film thought lost forever. I remember watching Key and Peele's skits, which is probably why the movie caught me a bit off guard, but I still loved it. Just added it to my all-time favorite movie list. Log In Sign Up. Alien and Aliens. Movie suggestions? Maleficent Angelina Jolie has been a favorite of mine ever since I watched Hackers eons ago, and this was a great take on the "other side of the story" of a widely known fairy-tale. I’m a pretty big Sci-Fi and dystopian fan. I thought the grotesque was a cheap shot to induce revulsion but it kept my attention rapt.