SmartThings. The Switch (and possibly also the PS4) are outputting full RGB for some reason when you choose the 'auto' setting. Regardless of the console favoring full when set to auto, RGB full is absolutely the wrong setting when connected to a TV. We are at 1294 you still haven't fixed the game mode issues. Re: 2018 Q9FN could get HDMI 2.1 via firmware update? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. in dark scenes and dark colours, I have not used game mode yet but I feel you guys because I am adding Ps5 for the holiday 2020 and they are playing fast and loose with the updates, do they even want to fix these two issues? - edited So with RGB set to limited, game mode looks terrible with major haloing around text or icons onscreen during a an black loading screen (for example, the dog when loading Luigi's Mansion). PS:    SAMSUNG - IF you might possibly read our obvious need and ability to pay you even more MONEY [get your Attention!!!] 0 Likes Reply. Cannot connect Bluetooth device with my TV, TV error message 'Mode not supported' when connecting my Sony Blu-ray player for DVD. Astronaut Options. ‎08-10-2019 Yeah, saw there's a new update. ‎05-15-2019 If you set one input device for full and match it on the TV, for most TVs it will apply it to other inputs and ruin the image elsewhere. Anyone try it yet? You can fix the local dimming yourself: INFO>SETTINGS>MUTE>POWER while tv is off to access the service menu. Highlighted. If you manually set the switch to HDMI limited, you may have to change HDMI black level on the TV to 'normal' or everything will looked washed out. Samsung q9fn firmware 1294. Tags: Game mode. Reply. What I will not do, is buy another Samsung tv just to get eARC, my Q9 75” is a beautiful TV and I have been quite happy with it. @Samsung, please Update the Q9FN. I hope will come a 4k 120hz firmware,or a new one connect box with hdmi 2.1. Losing hope. Find more information on the Samsung apps available for your product. 4 of 100 Top Solutions for 2018 QLED TV (Q9FN Series) see more solutions Interactive guide. Ask a question or start a new topic to get help and advice from our loyal Samsung community. Re: 2018 Q9FN could get HDMI 2.1 via firmware update? Rich Text; HTML; Preview; Quote. This has nothing to do with the UHD color setting. 0 Likes Share. Would you think Samsung will make such a firmware update? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Not sure if the display itself is capable of 4K @ 120hz, but all the audio processing and such, is done at the one connect box. - last edited on Belarus27. I'm looking to buy a new TV too and I need this exact question answered before i buy. It would sure be GREAT if Samsung would let us know that they will soon be offering us a NEW One Connect Box with the NEW Firmware we desire.....but I am not holding my breath. We are unable to speculate on the release of future updates. After fw update 1270 you fixed the Feesync Issues but as the same time you have destroyed game mode by downgrading the brightness and local dimming. QLED. latest and greatest features available and what it didn't have they'd come later via upgrades. They gave them a confusing name and many people noticed back with the PS3 that RGB full made their colors darker which they said looked less washed out. by That's why I'm here too, to see if anything actually fixed or just more stuff is broken / diminished. Cookies op never-displayed Hint: @ links to members. I know about this already, I don't want to disable local dimming either, on game mode local dimming is off and it doesn't matter what level of local dimming you use, its not on, I want local dimming to behave the way it does in natural & dynamic picture mode, outside of game mode the local dimming rivals oled black levels, in game mode the blooming, dimmer picture is trash. In ycbcr, 0-16 and 240-255 are considered whiter than white and blacker than black. Firmware updates cant supplement hardware limitations so that's my best guess and hopefully that's the case. Been some rumors that Nvidia might becoming out with a new Shield so I have restrained myself from that purchase for awhile as much as I have hated to. There's almost a bit of black crush, but Switch defaults to Full RGB when i leave it in auto, so i don't think it's an error. Q9FN. Community. It doesn't matter if the TV can handle an RGB signal, practically every single one of them can. What the fudge is happening with my money, I now have a cheap . ‎03-30-2019 RGB full is for computer monitors. 02:55 AM gebruikt Functionele en Analytische cookies voor website optimalisatie en statistieken. Yes for sure we gamers need the newest features for the upcoming Xbox and PS5. 1294. firmware. A new firmware 1294 is available for the 2018 Qled tvs, does anyone knows what it does? UDH color is enabled for the HDMI port the Switch is connected to. I don't think Samsung is even listening to anything anyone is saying. Please don't let your loyal customers down like this! Q9FN reladed : ZERO 12:36 AM TV's work in the ycbcr color space which corresponds to 16-235 rather than 0-255. There are no discussions for this product yet. What system are you using and what RGB setting? Q9FN. All forum topics; Previous … With RGB set to full, the blacks are black and the haloing is essentialy gone during the same loading screens.