Give Them Compassion Prayer Mighty God, I kneel in front of you with requests concerning all doctors. The chief goal of my pray is not for my will but to magnify and glorify Your Great Son’s Name, Jesus Christ, because it is through this Great Name that I am praying through. Give them patience when doing physiotherapy. Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today's church and ministry leaders, like you. You give and you take life. Thank you for the good work they do and the sacrifices they make for the sake of the patients. Increase their territories. Here are three short prayers that can help you pray for doctors and nurses as well as medical technicians in the hospital, even made more important if you or someone you know and/or love is in the hospital. Boost Their Memory Prayer Lord in heaven, I humble myself before you praying for our doctors. Give Them Peace Prayer Lord, Life brings us ups and downs every day and for our doctors, it’s no different. May they rejoice in the skills you have given them which enable them to bring hope, healing and wholeness to those in their care. Great God in heaven, I pray for my friend/family member who is in the hospital with a serious condition. We open our hearts to them and they listen to us without judging us. Amen. They get exposed to danger every day in their line of duty. Prayer for Front Line Workers during the Pandemic May they also know guidance and support in times of pain and frustration when their skills are not enough to prevent permanent injury, disability or death. Thank you because their work is purely directed by you. Give them strength. We pray for all doctors, nurses and emergency workers. Help Them Understand Prayer King of kings, You are the source of life. Jack Wellman is Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas. Amen. Also, send me the Evangelical Newsletter and special offers. Thank you for their obedience to you. Let them draw their confidence in your healing power. You are the great physician and they are your servants. Let them focus on the safety of the patient. Let them do the best they can and leave the rest to you because you are the tree of life. Let them rely on you but not on their understanding all through their career. So many depend on them and I know I take them for granted so bless them and I thank You for them and in Jesus’ most holy Name, Amen. 5 Prayers For Doctors March 15, 2016 Jack Wellman Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! You called them to be our earthly physicians, be their guide. Pray for nurses, doctors, medical staff, grocery store workers, police, firefighters, paramedics, and all essential workers during this global pandemic. Pray for their health and safety. Touch their fellow staff in hospitals like the nurses, Laboratory personnel, security guards, and other department members to support them. Here are three short prayers to pray for doctors and nurses. They’re a crucial part of our medical team. Taking these verses altogether we can say we are to always pray at all times but in the Spirit; to pray without ceasing or whenever and wherever possible; and to not lose heart, being persistent in prayer. They deliver your healing to us according to your will. They are our earthly healers. Gospel for Asia's 'Forgotten Christmas' Showers Life-Changing Gifts... WILLS POINT, TX – "For hundreds of millions of children across Asia,... Elmer Gantry, Sister Sharon, and American Religious History. I ask you to bless the staff, the work of their hands, the people who do so much for so many. These are nothing to You and so if it be Your express will Father, please help them supernaturally to the glory of Your Son’s Name. Let your Holy Spirit comfort them and guide every decision they make. Let them see you in everything they do. Please guide the doctor’s hands, bless the nurses work, and give them steady and skilled hands to do what needs to be done and for the glory of and in the Name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen. We are actually command to pray at all times and for all men and women. Amen. I ask that you protect them from violent patients, contagious diseases, and manipulations from cunning patients or family members. Also, send me the Evangelical Newsletter. They work long hours attending to patients and are faced with tough decisions to make in matters of life and death. They are your vessels. Guide Them Prayer Mighty Healer, I bring our doctors before you. Let their ears and eyes be alert when in consultation. Amen. I would ask to have these blessings be especially poured out on the doctors and the nurses so that they can perform to the best of their abilities for the benefit of my friend/family member and for others. We are actually command to pray at all times and for all men and women. They work tirelessly to restore our health. Guide them in making the correct diagnosis and in the treatment of their patients. Get updates from Christian Crier delivered straight to your inbox. Give them obedience to follow your guide in their line of duty. Give them peace. 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