4 inch pork pie moulds x2. Great on the top, but not really strong enough for the sides. Ingredients. Our pork pie tins are manufactured by means of a deep drawing process from mild steel and tin plated. The metal was not beaten on the bar itself. Cooking takes about 90 minutes at gas mark 6. alan silverwood 4" pork pie mouldalan silverwood 4" pork pie mould. About: I like making all sorts of stuff, out of found materials: furniture, wild food, whatever! Mindon Engineering manufacture a comprehensive range of high specification standard design box and tunnel ovens in modular sizes. To make the base plate, another piece of steel was snipped out of the bin and flattened gently, using the wooden mallet. When used for baking later, they will need to be secured together. This receipe uses uncured shoulder pork, but does use a muffin tray to give a more event shape to the pies. Our own teams of specialist and highly trained technicians are equipped to install all aspects of catering equipment on site with full connection to all services throughout the UK and Ireland. It has long been an ambition of mine to own one of these moulds, but never found one cheap enough, so I thought I'd just make one. Once cooked, the pie needs to be cooled completely. A traditional pork pie is made using hot water pastry which is then raised by hand using a mould or in my case a jam jar for support. I have added lots of photo's below. A Masterclass Non-Stick Deep . Guaranteed fast despatch from Delivered anywhere in UK From smoke and pet free home. on Introduction. For overseas shipping quote, please email your location before bidding. This is easy to use. The smaller double-lever snips are good for finer hand-cutting: snipping off accurately to a line. The mould shown here has a castle-like vibe to it. You will at least need some metal snips, a ball pein hammer and some grips. Superb, camwheat pie machine maker press with moulds die sets pork pie scotch pie. This was especially true as it was a steak and kidney pie which has a much more liquid filling than the jelly-filled pork pie. For cutting out the main shapes, I use a set of long-handled snips with one handle fixed in a vice. For the Hot Water Pastry; 200 milliliters water 75 grams butter 75 grams lard 450 grams plain flour (sifted) 1 pinch salt You really don't want to be spending money on this. We can supply pork pie tins in a variety of sizes, including: How to make traditional English pork pies. You can just make folded-metal clips. This was especially true as it was a steak and kidney pie which has a much more liquid filling than the jelly-filled pork pie. your dolly is hand made by a wood-turner/pattern mak. Sitemap | Find out more about Unitech Blaymires. | +44 (0)1384 895151. This is much more challenging than just buying one anyway. The shaping was done by just beating the panel on either side of it. Some rough one and a few progessively finer. You could try other shapes. Share it with us! 4inch pork pie mould loose base + 10.1cm add $18.50. This included folding over edges to create a seam to hold the clip together.. Having made the mould, it needed testing. The most famous English pork pie is the Melton Mowbary pork pie, which became common in Leicestershire England in the 18th century due to local pig farming. you can make all you payments to our paypal account Shipping All our items are delivered to your doorstep!! $21.95. addy11991 = addy11991 + 'unitechblaymires' + '.' + 'com'; Some additional convex curved lines were drawn on to give the base plate a scalloped shape. Here are some shots of the first pie out of the mould. This extra attached metal allowed two plates to be created. Tastes better making the pie and making the tool to make the pie :). view details + simple simon set of 6 pie moulds + 6 add $67.50. $227.37. By working the curved panels with a ball-pein hammer, a much lovelier tooled finish can be had. We will send you an email notification, Details: pork, melton, mowbray, large, dolly, mould, extra, across, base, click, Details: pork, melton, mowbray, large, dolly, mould, across, base, click, images, Details: anodised, loose, based, pork, mould, Masterclass Non-Stick Deep Mini Round Cake Tin / P, Details: non-stick, deep, mini, round, cake, pork, mould, loose, base, arrivals, Used, Small individual cake\/ dessert moulds, Details: deep, round, cake, pork, mould, loose, base, customer, non-stick, stick. I used a round wooden mallet for starting the bending of wide parts of sheet metal. //-->\n You must cut holes to allow steam to escape. document.write('<\/a>'); came from butchers shop clearence. They are girdles that give shape to your pie, by holding in the pastry until it cooks solid. var addy11991 = 'sales' + '@'; Pork pie dolly mould large 4" across base. Masterclass Non-Stick Deep Mini Round Cake Tin / Pork Pie Mould With Loose Base, A strong metalworking vice is ideal. I used the long snips with one handle clamped in the vice for this. After cooling, gelatine is poured through the holes to fill the pie. "Hello, item you are bidding on is shiseido ultimune power infusing concentrate ml", This is a very nice old large size wooden pork pie mould standing 5.9 inches in height and 4 inches across. Pork pie dolly mould large 4 " across base. What better than a classic pork pie? To release the pie, it is advisable to warn the mould. Millinery Hat Block German made RICO, never used so fantastic condition.. as you can see from the photographs provided, the larger bottom mould is approxi. PORK PIE DOLLY MOULD HANDCRAFTED IN MELTON if the winning bid is from outsi.