This exceptional strain produces excellent yields and does not grow too big (up to 100cm). Anxiety: 2/10. Extreme caution is advised strong fruity fragrance. Legend has it that the Pineapple express was created by gorilla growers in Hawaii. We are an international Cannabis Seed company. You better believe the effects Trainwreck hit you like a train! Buy pineapple express weed online. It can fill you with bubbly energy, making it an ideal option for a wake and bake. Breeders at Barney’s Farm rarely turn out anything but gold, so it’s no wonder that this potent strain is another hit. It has around 17% tetrahydrocannabinol and shares its name with a preferred 2008 stoner flick. £ 5.00 – £ 50.00. The Pineapple Express hybrid strain is a combination of its parents Hawaiian and Trainwreck. Anxiety, Daytime, Depression, Lack of Appetite. SKU: 156 Categories: All Seeds, Autoflowering seeds, Indoor Seeds, Outdoor seeds. Viewed 49 times today.Purchased 16 times today.Purchased 102 times this week. Your Cart: $ 0.00. Personally, the sweetest Pineapple express I ever had the luck to try, was an Australian grown one. Pineapple Express quantity. Regardless of who the original breeder was, Pineapple Express was an immediate hit because of its fruit-bowl flavor. For example, Pineapple Express weed has surprising tropical sweet pineapple flavors combined with a subtle fresh citrus aroma from the OG kush. Sleepiness: 9/10. The scent is sweet, like pineapple and berries, but skunky. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; Add Your Review; We send products in discreet stealth packaging to every country in the world. It can reduce anxiety and help to reduce problems with migraines which are chronic headaches. Seedsman . Buy Seeds © 2020 Medicinal & Recreational Australian Cannabis Seeds. Trustpilot. What are you waiting for? USD. Sale! Description Additional information Reviews (0) Description. Pineapple Express Strain is a Sativa dominant strain with a 60:40 Sativa/Indica ratio. CBD Oil; Variety Packs; Discount; FREE Grow Guide; Become a member for fantastic offers and acess to member prices. However, you can buy cannabis seeds in Australia online, provided you choose a … Buy pineapple express weed online. Pick this hybrid strain for pain and anxiety relief, and the ease with which it can be grown! Pineapple express is another hybrid strain that prefers the warm climate Australia has to offer. The undisputed hallmark of Pineapple Express #2 is its quick flowering stage (45-50 days) which makes it available to be cultivated anywhere and by anyone. Pineapple-express has an abundance of trichomes. What are you waiting for? We stock a number of varieties of the strain from breeders such as FastBuds, G13 Labs, and Barney’s Farm. MANGAVE PINEAPPLE EXPRESS 75mm Pot NEW! When grown outdoors, these plants have particularly high yields whose branches tend to stretch far out into the light. Looking like the top of a pineapple, Mangave Pineapple Express (Agave macrocantha) has slender dark green leaves highlighted by burgundy mottling. Because cannabis ruderalis has a set grow time, growers who use Pineapple Express Auto don’t have to worry so much about changing their … I sliced a fresh pineapple yesterday and the fruit was speckled with tiny brown seeds. PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ is a hardy, fast flowering and easy to grow cannabis plant giving generous yields of heavy buds coated in resin. Wildflowers with vibrant colours and shapes unique to Australia. Where it’s a bit heavy handed on the sativa strain of things, Pineapple Express autoflowering seeds offer an energetic yet relaxed high. Pineapple Express is a Sativa Dominant strain that leaves you feeling happy and uplifted. Feminized seeds are also known as female seeds. In fact, I didn't notice the seeds right away; for some reason, they weren't quite so obvious as I sliced the pineapple. However, some novice marijuana smokers might assume that the effects of this strain are as intense as the movie made it out to be. Pain Relief: 9/10. Pineapple Express Weed Strain. The closest a marijuana strain can get to the fragrance and flavor of the spiky fruit without taking a bite, Pineapple Express marijuana smells and tastes much like its juicy, tropical namesake. Selective breeding resulted in a superior marijuana plant, which will tickle your taste buds with a hint of pineapple. The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. Bulbs; Flower Seeds; Herb Seeds; Fruit & Veggie Seeds; Seed Gifts & Grow Kits; What to Sow in Summer ; Garden News. Smoking Pineapple Express weed is an unforgettable experience that you shouldn't miss. It has “Express” in the title for a reason. If your Pineapple kush seeds are ready to harvest, you are rewarded with a very valuable product. The Pineapple Express strain is quite popular and has achieved main-stream recognition from the stoner film of the same name. Consumers with depression can strongly benefit from this feel-good strain. Express Post - $12.95 (If your order contains a plant express is required) HERB PLANTS. Laughing Buddha will make you giggle like you've just heard the funniest joke on Earth. Not only do we have one of the most comprehensive libraries of cannabis seeds in the world, we now offer … The smell is likened to fresh apple and mango, with a taste of pineapple, pine, and cedar. They come on strong and fast with the notes of sweet lemon and spicy pine. Get 10%. Indoor Cannabis Seeds; Outdoor Cannabis Seeds; CBD. Pineapple Express Marijuana . Pineapple Express seeds don’t just offer benefits for your mind, it also helps your body. Our seed bank is Austrlia’s only legit seed bank. This autoflowering cannabis seed variety can offer maximum yield with minimal effort. Buy Pineapple Express Seeds. Pineapple Express Feminized is an exclusive and unique mix of our powerful White Widow, Limoncello Haze and Strawberry Ice genetics. Take care! PINEAPPLE EXPRESS AUTO™ Cannabis Seeds Our world famous PINEAPPLE CHUNK™ is now available in an autoflowering variant.