If you did use one, try cooking it to a slightly higher temp, like 290. I’m drooling over this stack of peanut brittle, I can’t wait to make another batch. You could also use another nut if you are allergic to peanuts. Butter, nuts and baking soda are to be added at end of cook…that’s why it won’t hit the crack stage. Thanks for linking this up to Twirl & Take a Bow, too! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I’m sorry it didn’t harden for you. Then put the pieces in a zip lock to keep it in the freezer. Thanks for sharing! You also have to always keep stirring, just enough so there doesn’t get any hot spots. Thank you for helping me bring back some childhood memories for him. Then after you add the Peanuts and Salt (yes, the temperature on your thermometer will go down a little bit), it should take 5 minutes to reach 290., and constant stirring is off the utmost importance between 250 and 290. Do I need to remove the skins or is it alright to leave them on? Either way this brittle is the best. http://www.happyandblessedhome.com/category/family-fun Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Used a candy thermometer and it never fully set up. I love the color so much~ Thank you for sharing the recipe! There are no peanuts listed in the above recipe? Thank you for sharing, I will definitely give this a try! You just can’t go wrong with this for the perfect handmade gift for over the holidays. Here is my last two cents: My favorite parts are when it first makes the transformation and starts to boil (don’t freak out when this happens because the bubbles start to get higher and you start to think it will boil over, but just keep stirring and it will go down), and my next favorite part is when you add the Baking Soda and Vanilla because its like you doing a science experiment. I love easy to make treats! Check it out at http://craftdictator.com/2013/12/09/all-things-christmas-4/! Your grandma’s brittle recipe looks so good!! Went for it and bam it turned out amazing. Pinned and featuring at Family Fun Friday. Now, that was when I was really young because I come from a large Catholic family with my dad having 7 siblings. It is important to coat cookie sheets with butter and put in the freezer to get them really cold before you need to pour the brittle. Did you use a candy thermometer? DO NOT use a knife to push it around, your brittle will not look as nice.