Log on to the AHV host with SSH. Power on host: Do NOT delete the Nutanix Controller VM on any Nutanix host (CVM names look like: NTNX---CVM) Do NOT modify any settings of a Controller VM, all the way down to even the name of the VM. Step 4: Log in to Nutanix AHV host thru SSH. Perform one or more Nutanix Cluster Checks. I just want to make sure what the proper method for shutting a host down in vshpere. First time you must ssh to all CVM node and write the script cvm_shutdown -P and then you go to Vcenter and login to all node you can right click and shutdown. AHV: Log in to the AHV as a root user. more than one Nutanix node in a cluster at a time. Step 5: Shutdown or power off the Nutanix AHV host. Shut down the Controller VM. wait a minute and nutanix will shutdown Register/Unregister a Nutanix Cluster with Prism Central. Shut down with # poweroff command. root@ahv# shutdown -h now. Perform each maintenance after the host shutdown is complete. User Guide PowerChute™ Network Shutdown v4.4 Nutanix™ 990-4595G-001 09/2020 Turn on the host. Now Shutdown the Nutanix AHV Host. nutanix@cvm$ cvm_shutdown -P now. Step 4 : Log in to Nutanix AHV host via SSH. Eject a node from a Nutanix Cluster. Shut down host (time to shutdown may vary; softshutdown can be replaced with down): x.x.x.x X9DRT-HF+ (S0/G0) 11:40 SIM(WA)>ipmi power softshutdown Done x.x.x.x X9DRT-HF+ (S5/G2) 11:42 SIM(WA)>ipmi power status Power is currently off. We have to shut down one of our Nutanix devices to replace a faulty fan. root@ahv# shutdown -h now. … Shut down the host. Exit host and CVM maintenance mode … To validate Nutanix CVM shutdown status, ping the Nutanix CVM ip address. My assumption is to first migrate all VMs to different hosts, then shut down the CVM, put the host in "matainence mode", then shut down the Host. root@ahv# shutdown -h now Leave a Reply Cancel reply. After successfully shutdown the Nutanix CVM, now we can proceed to shutdown or power off the Nutanix AHV host. ESXi: Shut down from Web client/Host client. Start-up procedure after maintenance is complete. Dell Nutanix: How to Shutdown a Node Safely on the Nutanix XC System ... Shutdown the host. After successfully shutdown the Nutanix CVM, now we can continue to shutdown/power off the Nutanix AHV host. Step 5 : Now we will Shutdown the Nutanix AHV host. Shutdown/Startup gotchas: It’s probably best to never shutdown/reboot/etc. Related Posts. AHV ESXi Nutanix Prism Central Prism Element vSphere.