2 x M12 B2 Battery packs, C12 C Charger, HD Box. to 9/16 in.) I believe my Milwaukee tools are the best out there they are the few that still use steel inside of their tools. This stapler is yet another example of how good power tools should be. and 1/4 in. I have had difficulty with the longer staples, 1/2" or longer bending. The built-in hanging features include a self-centering keyhole and hollow handle for pass-through hanging. With my line of work you’re all different types of tools that people use.Milwaukee to me is far more superior than the other brands alter just to have a Nother Milwaukee tool to go with my arsenal makes me that much more happy. When you buy cordless tools you're starting an investment in a cordless system so I think it's important to know the batteries have a great reputation. The regular M12 4 LED battery indicator is located near the +/- power adjustment knob. The stapler will shut off as a safety feature. A setting indicator for the dial isn’t included, so you must guess. It didn’t jam during my extensive test, and it was fun to use! No but, it will shoot staples as fast as you can pull the trigger but I don't reccomend doing that as the stapler works best when it is flat against the surface. through an array of materials and substrates. flat crown staples from 1/4 - 9/16 in. A convenient bold white arrow assured that all the staples were fastened in the correct place and the viewing window is excellent in displaying how many we had left in the tool. An easy to squeeze trigger design significantly reduces fatigue associated with traditional hand staplers. A setting indicator for the dial isn’t included, so you must guess. The design of the stapler places the staple 3/8 inch in from the front of the stapler. This battery powered narrow crown stapler is compact and lightweight, giving users better access into tight spaces and limiting fatigue throughout the day. Made in China. Using an 18-Volt LXT 5.0Ah battery (sold separately), the XNB02Z will drive up to 1,000 finish nails on a single charge. When cranking the power adjustment back up by compressing the spring, it became pretty difficult to turn I recommend leaving the power adjustment knob at the initial setting unless there's a specific reason to adjust it. ViewAll — Concrete Drilling and Chiselling, Fastens a range of 3/8" flat crown staples from 1/4" - 9/16", Compact and ergonomic design signicantly reduces user fatigue, Contact actuation for increase productivity, Dry fire lockout prevents unintended damage to the work surface, Staple leg locating arrow for accurate staple placement, Slotted magazine design for easy staple viewing, Integrated sequential and contact actuation trigger for easy changing between firing modes, Power adjustment dial for consistent flush stapling through various materials, Up to 1500 staples per charge on an M12™ REDLITHIUM 1.5ah battery (battery and charge sold separately). Most of the cordless or air staplers I've seen are shaped and sized like small nailers. Actually exceeds my expectations. If you're constantly using a stapler when making furniture or installing vapor barrier you'll appreciate the relief of using a powered stapler as well as the convenience of not having a corded or air powered tool to deal with. I was using T50 9/16. The 2447-20 is designed to drive a range of 3/8 in. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com. The staples are very easy to slot into the tool and not once did it fire a `blank` So both my "tests" came out in favor of the conclusion that the XC batteries supply a bit more power to the M12 tools (at least the FUEL versions). The Milwaukee M12 3/8 in. flat crown staples (1/4 in. Hold the trigger while removing and reengaging stapler to the workpiece for continuous stapling.