The planeswalkers were then visited by the god Hazoret, who arrived with the rogue planeswalker Sarkhan Vol. After many hardships, they found the golem in bad shape at the center of the tainted world. As of right now it is sitting at just over $4 a card on tcgplayer. Thoughts? Does not seem to be a good spec at this time, as another noted with it likely bottoming out in a few months. After Karona was defeated, Karn took her and the Mirari to Argentum and turned the orb into the golem Memnarch, and left to wander the multiverse with Jeska. Speculat(e/ing) Karn joined the Gatewatch in their memorial service for Gideon on Theros, but soon after wanted to leave for a scouting mission on New Phyrexia. (Choose any number of permanents and/or players, then give each another counter of each kind already there.) The Sylvok outcast Melira told Venser and his party that the oil only turns a being into a full Phyrexian if its heart is fully corrupted. Unfortunately, Karn missed her terribly and fell deeper and deeper into a black depression which was slowly consuming him. By that time, Karn had been sidelined by Urza, as the planeswalker had moved on to a variety of different projects. As Karn planeswalks, he disappears with a sharp metallic *PING* sound. As the Weatherlight crew fled the Stronghold, Karn knew he had a mission separate from the others, and went to seek the Legacy artifacts guarded by the Sliver Queen. So it's a land that doesn't come in tapped. There was only one thing that Karn never wished to forget, and every night he would hold a picture of Jhoira and repeat the mantra "Jhoira is my friend.". Karn was named after the word “cairn” which is a human-made pile of stones, and was a subtle nod toward the fact that he was the repository for the legacy artifacts. Sword of Feast and Famine or Bear Umbra paired with Relentless Assault let's you untap your Karn's Bastion an infinite number of times for infinite proliferate. Still, T5.... Also some decks like u/w or b/g play fieles of ruins. Look at [[Wurmcoil engine]], an absolute shitload were printed as the prerelease promo for SoM and it's still a $40 card now, Don't forget alternative art of Time Wipe and Bolas's Citadel are going to be promo cards as well (while we're taking about cards to avoid for now),, I think this set currently has too much value which means it is profitable for people to crack packs and resell singles. This thread is archived. Despite his newfound willingness to kill, he spent much of his time in the Weatherlight's engine core, guiding the ship as it improved itself and further integrated the Legacy. Without diving deeper, not my sort of spec and if it were I would be aiming for a fair bit lower entry price, plan to buy literally hundreds of copies if it reached my target range, and then hope it made it into a wildly popular Standard deck (a format that can absorb so many copies somewhat, albeit again with such huge supply it won’t be an expensive card). Karn returned with Urza and Barrin to help rebuild Tolaria years later and discovered Jhoira still alive, and Teferi trapped in a slow-time bubble. [1] His form was chosen because Urza's studies had shown that only silver could pass through temporal energies unharmed. Karn's Bastion Land Tap: Add 1 colorless 4 and Tap: Proliferate. Finally, as all hope of victory seemed lost, Karn united with Urza and Gerrard. As for home in Modern, surviving to t5, and giving up a source of colored mana, only to add a single counter just isn’t likely.