Vitamin Water is the perfect example of how good marketing can provide the illusion of a super hydrating and healthy beverage that will rejuvenate your body. For more information about Vitamin Water Zero, you may want to watch this videos: Is vitamin water zero good for you? Your email address will not be published. As for Vitamin Water Zero, you have to decide for yourself whether to drink the product or not. Vitamin Water actually has an interesting story, let’s take a quick look at it’s history…. Body Care. This goes back to my recommendation that sure water can be boring but we can definitely try replacing it with natural tea which you can get in so many different flavors. Is It Really All About Calories In vs. Calories Out? Paid $1.65 to find out that I should have went to this website before purchasing the water. We would like to help you find what you are looking for. If you taste sweet, then you want more sweet. So if you drink the whole bottle you will be getting 125 calories and more than 32 grams of sugars (carbohydrates). Good article to read. Thus, the answer can be “yes” or “no”. | Powered by WordPress, 10 Yummy Keto Stuffing Recipes for Any Special Holiday, 11 Keto Chocolate Pudding Recipes That You Cannot Ignore, 11 Keto Hamburger Casserole Recipes Make Your Family A Perfect Meal. Not a problem at all. I am very dissapointed I actually believed that this drink was good for you – how foolish of me. Where you as surprised as I was about Vitamin Water being good for you? First and most importantly the second ingredient after distilled water is Crystalline Fructose. You can derive your own answer from the information above. 10 Keto Chocolate Mousse Recipes That Never Let You Down, 11 Stunning Keto Ground Beef Recipes for Your Dinner. This could have been in response to a Class Action Suit against Coca-Cola for marketing this as a healthy alternative, and once again Coca-Cola successfully ruins a growing healthy beverage company. It may elevate blood sugar; hence, it’s not recommended for diabetic persons and individuals who are on a sugar-restrictive diet. If you’re unsure of your decision because of a certain illness, consult your doctor. What To Do About Extra Skin After Weight Loss, Instant Weight Loss – Stop Focusing On Instant Gratification. Because I am thirsty and paid for it already, I guess today I will take the risk and finish my last bottle of vitamin water. Instead of Crystalline Fructose i’m seeing Cane Sugar. Thanks for the heads up! Water is the best hydration system … I’m reading this in 2014 and as I sit here and stare at my ingredients of the “XXX” flavor, everything that you say about it is incorrect. Wrong! The page you are looking for is either no longer available or there is an error in the link. It is a substitute to high fructose corn syrup (the lethal ingredient in sodas) because it is 5% sweeter and therefore less can be used. Doctors are alarmed at the relationship between Crystalline Fructose and fatty liver disease, heart disease and even obesity. So, the answer is “no”. If you truly want to use the product, then you have to consult your doctor first. 10 Keto Chocolate Cupcakes Can Brighten up Your Day! Required fields are marked *. These 7 Coffee with Coconut Oil Recipes Will Boost Your Energetic Morning! Nonetheless, Coca-Cola claims that the other type, Vitamin Water Zero, has no fructose sugar, but natural sugars instead. Based on news reports, the product contains the following components: zero calories, some vitamins and minerals, and zero sugars. Reportedly, the Coca-Cola Company was sued for its deceptive health claims on Vitaminwater, and they said: “No reasonable person would be misled into thinking that Vitaminwater was a healthy beverage". Therefore, in terms of weight loss, it’s okay to drink Coca-Cola Zero Sugar.