To fill in for 15-20 seconds, drain the water. 3. Then, grows this magnificent tea and local people call it Huangsan Maofeng.Benefits of Huangsan Maofeng Tea in General. It tells of a young scientist and a local girl who fell in love at first sight. Huangshan MaoFeng is suitable for those who want to keep away from worldly concerns, relax and feel the slow pace of life. Body immunity can also be increased by consuming Schizandra Five Flavour Berry.Interesting Benefits from Huangsan Maofeng Tea. And the tea of the second round is the best. Privacy Policy | Chinese green tea has been known in all over the world for its taste and efficacy. Most of them seems original and healthy due to their production method. Drink the Huangshan Maofeng tea regularly. 3. There the scenic landscapes abound with pine trees, boulders, clear springs, and on the three peaks of Huangshan there are often omitted shaggy clouds, which causes high humidity. Yellow Mountain has long taken credit for having the most breathtaking mountain views in China, and also the best tea plantation fields with the exceptional advantage of high elevation, warm climate, abundant rainfall, and a large area of fertile soil hidden in the cloud and fog. 1. Huangshan Mao Feng Tea drinkers say that the first brewing is fragrant, the second brewing is sweet, and the third brewing is strong. By buying this product you can collect up to 58 loyalty points. And only the new tea buds and the finest leaves next to the bud are picked. Health Benefits of Huangshan Mao Feng. If you don’t like to drink tea, this honey might be amazing for your natural energizer.Tea also has big amount of antioxidant, which will protect your body from free radicals. Although the Huangshan mao feng tea from the Anhui province is on the top 10 famous Chinese list, it’s not the only mao feng tea in China, or even in the world. 1. Some of Huangsan Maofeng Tea includes: lowering blood pressure (thus it’s not recommended for people who suffers low blood pressure), having positive impacts on both liver and skin health, having antibacterial and diuretic system to fight your body from bacteria both outside and inside your body.It also has strong effect to lowering your body weight as it has zero calories just like other tea characteristic and it can be natural whitening method for your teeth as it has fluoride to keep your teeth strong and reducing plague. But it has good amount of caffeine to naturally boost your energy in the morning. Since then, in these places there is high humidity and therer grows this gentle, sensual tea. Then, get them steamed, rolled and baked in the same day. Huangshan Maofeng clears harmful bacteria in the body, and helps to cure intestinal diseases. It takes about 3 minutes for each brew. This tea is one of China's Ten Famous tea. By consuming tea every morning, your cells will be protected by antioxidant and will prevent dangerous materials to alter your body cells or system which will increase your body immunity. Those dangerous materials from daily activity will affect your cells and body system which will lead to unexpected disease such as cancer or tumor. 2. From her grave, rain fell and her body spread humidity on the field where the farmer plants the seed to spread her love that she never got. Huangshan Maofeng is one of the ten famous teas in China. Room 706, Jinhe Building, 21 Zhishan Road, Guilin, Guangxi, P. R. China, 541002 +86 773 3810138, © Copyright 1999-2020, All rights reserved Easy Tour China Travel Co. Ltd., a reliable China-based tour operator. One of them is Huangshan Maofeng. The bush’s leaves are light yellow, and it has a silver-white pile and tips, resembling a mountain peak, so it is called Mao Feng tea (from Chinese "Mao" - the pile, and "Feng" - a mountain peak). It also has original tea and green tea. As promised, we will tell you the legend of the places where Mao Feng tea grows. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1.