According to the Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program handbook, Better Soils With the No-Till System (download it at, there are two broad categories of tillage systems used in the world today: conventional tillage, which leaves less than 30 percent crop residue cover after planting, and conservation tillage, which includes all tillage systems—including no-till—that leave more than 30 percent crop residue after planting. FedEx does not recognize nor reimburse for scratches only if the toolbar is bent which is highly unlikely and has never occurred. A word on Shipping: The toolbar may arrive with scratches. Please let us know a convenient time to call you on, (*All time slots are available in CDT zone.). The ancient Egyptians, the Sumerians, and the Incas of South America used sticks to poke holes in the ground and put seeds into unprepared soil by hand; they covered the seeds with their feet. Worksaver manufactures a trio of useful hobby-farm tillage implements: the 5-foot wide FOD-15, flip-over, single-gang disc with eight, 16-inch notched blades designed for 350cc or larger ATVs; their 5-foot wide FOH-5, 42-tooth, flip-over, five-bar spike-tooth harrow built for 250cc or larger ATVs; and the welded-steel FOC-48 flip-over cultipacker, designed for 350cc or larger ATVs. Sorry to our Canadian customers but for this reason, we do not ship these to Canada. Your email address will not be published. The potato plow will do the same or it can be used to roll out potatoes at harvest time. Variety of sizes, Blue Small Farm Innovations 3701 State Highway 36 South Caldwell, TX 77836 Phone: 979-200-0766 or 979-200-1473 Fax: 979-258-2971 For instance, the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s were caused by a combination of environmental and manmade factors, including extensive plowing. Before making decisions or buying equipment, discuss no-till as it applies to your farm and your needs with a representative of your local conservation district (see, your county extension agent or a no-till alliance in your region (you’ll find some listed at– Perfect for a truck patch, commercial farm stand, and farmers market produce production. This very versatile package is easy to use and adjust for all your planting and harvesting needs. If you already have a conventional drill you’d like to retrofit for no-till applications, Acra Plant’s Acradrill ADU Unit might be just what you need; it can be easily adapted to fit most three-point drills and air seeders. Be sure to see our line Fencing Supplies, we carry products Their 3-foot Hunter 300 and 4-foot Hunter 400 models can be pulled by 300cc or 500cc ATVs respectively. Features include VARIjust depth control and the long-lasting ACRATuff V-Slice Insert for precise seed placement; easily adjustable press wheels in two sizes to match existing soil conditions; self-cleaning, 11- and 15-notch, 15-inch discs to aggressively chew through crop residue; heavy-duty spring units to adjust down-pressure; and adjustable row widths down to 7 inches wide. A large selection of farming supplies, farming equipment, and farm tools at low prices. This very versatile package is easy to use … for both traditional and electric fencing. Whether you investigate no-till or stick with conventional tillage for your farm, there are plenty of Earth-friendly solutions to choose from. Steel Utility/Dripping Pans, Havahart Live The attachment to the toolbar is simple and easily adjusts to your needs and row spacing. Min Price Min Price. We can also arrange for dock pickup at the factory if you are within driving distance to North West Louisiana. John Deere’s Frontier No-Till Grain Drill BD1307 is a perfect size for hobby-farm agricultural applications. No matter whether you have a small hobby farm or a large acreage spread we carry the farm supplies you need. An ard consists of a frame holding a vertical, wooden spike that’s dragged through the topsoil to gouge a narrow furrow along the plowed path. Bathrooms Baths. Location. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Sue Weaver lives in the Arkansas Ozarks with her husband and a fine array of animal friends including goats, sheep, horses, chickens, a donkey, a llama and a pet razorback hog. Time passed and the plow became a symbol of modern agriculture. Increased package volumes amid supply shortages are causing delays in shipping and delivery. The toolbar will ship by itself unboxed via FedEx on one truck and the other parts will likely ship on another truck.