100% YERBA MATE UNSMOKED - Our own organic family farm offers an exclusive smoke-free 2-stage organic yerba mate drying process. Nothing is distorted really and I know who I am and where I am, but the difference is the deep conversations and critical thinking on almost normal things. The drying process never exposes the yerba to wood or gas fumes. Our organic mate is ecologically mindful. A través de la venta de sus productos, Guayakí mantiene y restaura 20.000 hectáreas de Selva Tropical en el Atlántico Interior, soporta varias cooperativas y comunidades indígenas y demuestra que el dinero si puede […] Check price at Amazon. Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate. They have a diverse line of products and a large share of the market, especially in the U.S. Their yerba is both Fair Tarde & Kosher. The result is a very clean and pure yerba mate flavor. Guayaki is by far the best known North American Yerba Mate brand. Ive been drinking Yerba Mate Guayaki and I can for sure say it is like a cannabis high but while being in the sam vognitive reality as everyone. All of our unsmoked yerba mate is grown and processed in Brazil. Some say higher esophageal cancers in Argentina are because the Yerba is smoked. Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate – 5 Stars. Most are smoked unless they say otherwise IME. EASY BREW MATE - This pure leaf yerba mate with no stems or dust is easy to brew in a French press, or with a bombilla. Their organic yerba mate is unsmoked and is sustainably sourced by farmers in Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. ECOTEAS yerba mate unsmoked is a clean yerba mate for you and the environment. Its organically-sourced yerba mate leaves are grown in the rainforests of South America, and users love its earthy, grassy taste. When it comes to pre-packaged tea bags of yerba mate, Guayaki Traditional Yerba Mate is a top contender. 4 years ago. Web | English Profile Guayakí importa una bebida energizante llamada Yerba Mate, además de yerba mate suelta y en bolsas de té. Traditional yerba mate drinkers may find it bland due to the lack of smoke flavor.