Monster – You’ll find monster and silly faces hiding in the letters of this font. So you can access and add the new fonts every time easily. 34. Box Stitch – Boxed in and stitched edges make this a fun font. Looking for Teachers fonts? 2. She enjoys featuring creative classroom fun when she's not designing teacher shirts, making kindergarten lesson plans or planning her family's next trip to Disney World. Their responses were AMAZING! We have selected this product as being #9 in Best Google Fonts Teachers of 2020 View Product #10 . Here are 26 Free Teacher Fonts to add to this list! 10. Google Chrome is, increasingly, where it’s at. 9. About | FAQ | Privacy Policy | Disclosure | ©2020 Teach Junkie, 27 Classroom Poster Sets: Free and Fantastic, 14 Stunning Classroom Decorating Ideas to Make Your Classroom Sparkle, 54 Fantastic Fall and Thanksgiving Freebies, Range Median Mode: 24 Quick, Free Activities and Resources, Cute Adopt-a-Pet Reading Kit to Encourage Your Students to Read at Home, Camping Doubles Addition Roll ‘n Cover Game, 31 Creative Back to School Treats for Students {printables}. It also has a feeling of texture found in nature… makes me think of a snake’s skin at a  glance. Here is a great tutorial from Jessica at a Turn to Learn and she’ll walk you through the whole thing. Starting Dots – This font is designed to help beginning writers know where to start their basic strokes when forming letters. It will take up a lot of room vertically and is very modern. What’s Your Favorite Font at Google Fonts? And I mentioned that I’d hook you up with a tutorial if you wanted to learn how to install a font. 16. It has a cursive feeling to it and curled ends make this font have that girly feeling. 11. 35. My Name is Mrs. Hunt is DJB NUMBER 2 PENCIL >>> download here or at TpT. Ashley – A handwritten font that is very friendly for teachers and students of all ages. It’s a pretty thick font and features the classic stick and ball formation for letters. It reminds me of a ransom note cut from magazine letters and is completely funky. It’s a combination font of upper and lowercase letters. 18. Let’s break down the free fonts by type so you can find what you’re looking for and I’ll share a tutorial link at the end in case you want to install them and haven’t done so before. Chocolate Swirl – This thin tipped font has the same kind of curled ends as the girly girl font above. Thin Girl – This thin tipped font is very narrow and tall. This medium tip font is just that with semi-straight strokes. Check out UnifrakturMaguntia , UnifrakturCook , Pirata One , New Rocker , Germania One and Fruktur for some nice typefaces in the blackletter (sometimes referred to as Fraktur or Old English ) style. Click to find the best 182 free fonts in the Teachers style. Exclusive adapted book inside of Adapted Book Club, We are THANKFUL for you! Simple – This simple font is a very modern font with tall lowercase letters. What are your favorite blackletter fonts on Google Fonts? 12. 14. The lowercase letters start high, giving this a modern handwritten feeling. The Dog ate my homework is DJB STINKY MARKER >>> download here or at TpT. It has very few lines and is a combination of lowercase and uppercase. Every letter is easy to read and still very fun. 21. 37. Splendid – This thinner tip font will remind you of the simple font above. Back over the summer, I asked my readers on Instagram to share some of their favorite go-to Google Fonts. Curvy Girls – This font has a mixture of line thicknesses. We have selected this product as being #8 in Best Google Fonts Teachers of 2020 View Product #9 . It’s probably best used for practicing separate letters rather then putting them together in words, but beautiful letters separately. I think this font is perfect for teacher tools in addition to student worksheets and activity papers. 7. The numbers have the same number of fringe pieces. I collected a huge list of favorites and compiled them into a Google Doc to share with you! Thanks talented teachers – your unique fonts are fantastic! It’s a fun way to distinguish between titles, directions and work spaces. These fonts are great for adding a little detail to your titles. 42. 10 Fonts for Teachers Filed Under: ALL BLOG POSTS , fonts for teachers Leave a Comment In this age of education, and for many years, teachers have been creating their own resources. Get creative and free teacher articles – delivered to your inbox. Some edges don’t meet so it is a little quirky. The uppercase size consistency makes it the favorite part of this font for me. 1. Print Dots – This dotted font is great for handwriting and tracing. 23. Great for creating handwriting worksheets and tools. Aug 5, 2020 - Time to get fancy...55 Favorite Fonts for Google Drive – Ladybug's Teacher Files #fonts #script #handwriting Website Design By Jumping Jax Designs, « Where to Start With Teaching Core Vocabulary, DIY Summer Match Card Game (with a FREEBIE) ». It’s a fun twist on the classic teacher dot fonts and has a great uppercase set. 6/10. The edges are rounded which gives it a softer feel. 39. 27. 19. 25. Ashley – A handwritten font that is very friendly for teachers … Leslie {aka the original Teach Junkie} loves learning new things to make teaching easier and more effective. Squidgy – This swirly ended font is a beautiful font that isn’t too over the top. Google Chrome become the de facto internet browser, passing Internet Explorer for the first time after a five-year free-fall from Microsoft’s out-of-favor software. 22. This year has been reall, What are your favorite read alouds for Novembe, END OF A CHAPTER • We are officially saying good, Adapted Book Club • Bonuses ends tonight! Doodle Print – I really like the stylish uppercase of this font and the strightness of the vertical lines. Stripes– This medium font has double vertical lines and ladder stripes. Krazi Kiki – This fun and funky font has lots of different style letters. Great for creating game pieces or labeling set of materials! Filed Under: Teacher Blogging Tagged With: Fonts, Free Download, Teacher Fonts. Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out. Jul 26, 2020 - 55 Favorite Google Fonts, an education post from the blog Ladybug's Teacher Files, written by Kristen on Bloglovin’