2 0 obj This site also has a great selection of blogs, and publishes an online magazine just for fastpitch softball. The coach cannot place the FLEX player in lineup of the first nine players for someone other than the DP. The DP/FLEX rule hasn't changed from what … DP/FLEX Strategies for Coaches ... NFHS, NCAA, and USA Softball Softball Comments on the Rules - 2020 ; Softball Points of Emphasis - 2020 ; Softball Rules Interpretations - 2020 ; Softball Uniform Rules Safety. The rules dictate that a starting DP is allowed to re-enter the game once, however, the DP is required to go back to the original position of the batting order. The team is permitted to use their nine best fielders and bat their nine best regardless of whether they are in the same nine or not. Well fortunately for you the DP/Flex rule grants you the chance of resting your players. Just like any other lineup, a substitute will only bat where the substituted player was batting from. 7. When the DP is out of the batting order and the Flex is not playing defense, they will be charged with a substitution. Please note that swapping the DP and the Flex for each other is considered as half a substitution. Gives coaches more options: Practical application and sample not to use the DP/FLEX at all, use it to the same extent as the DH was used, or use the DP/FLEX option to its fullest extent. endobj The player that is taken away from the defense proceeds with batting in the usual spot on the batting order. Most softball sanctions, including ASA, NFHS and NCAA use the DP/FLEX option. <>/Font<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> It loosely resembles the designated hitter rule in American League baseball, but is much more powerful from a substitution point-of-view. Picture a team that has a player one who is almost assured of getting on base one way or the other and is able to steal second way before the catcher is able to stand up, however, this immaculate player has a weakness when it comes to defense. When you have only 10 players available to play, using the DP/Flex rule is a risk because all your players would begin the game in the lineup. The DP rule is never dismissed and the rule is not mandatory. Defense Position Swaps Incorporates Both the DP and Flex iScore currently allows you to work around the "twin rule" it just requires a little more attention. © 2020 InningAce.com | All rights reserved. This move also means that the DP has exhausted his re-entry rights. It clearly means that it’s easy to swap the DP with any other player apart from the Flex on defense; no one should have left the game as this doesn’t amount to a substitution. 2 0 obj In a game where the DP has gone off the pitch and still has a re-entry remaining, the Flex takes over as the DP. When it comes to fast pitch Softball DP/Flex starting lineup, there are ten starters not nine. 3 0 obj The FLEX and the DP are however permitted to play the defense positions at the same time. DP and Flex titles never terminated even when used, Team member numbers can go from 10 to 9 or 9 to 10 an unlimited number during the game, If DP replaces a defensive player that isn’t the FLEX, the, DP and Flex can play defense simultaneously, DP and Flex cannot play offense simultaneously, because the only position a Flex can replace in offense is the DP, DP, Flex, and substitutes are all to be in same the same spot in the batting order. 4 0 obj <> A DP does not have to be used. Again the DP and the FLEX are not allowed to play offense at the same time. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. T3l-p-�����l9w�( �څ>����Gӧ4���k�-�� TA�c(+!���4;d�~���bn�pst��TVi0N5��ɦ:��ͮ��Dz��r�� ���W$�[$r�I�!�KLPl�_�6�j�p�ԕ%U�Q�V쎇}�~a����?��[�3�� During regular substitution, a player will leave the game and is replaced with another player. The Flex is listed at the bottom of the lineup. To justify this rule; when the DP comes into the game as defense for the Flex, the Flex will have left the game and this means the lineup comprising of ten players is now considered to have nine players. The intent of the new rule is to allow the DH type player to play some defense too and thus get more playing time. So if anyone other than the DP or Flex is unable to continue to play offense for any reason (such as by injury), the game will be forfeited. endobj Please note that this move will not affect the Flex’s re-entry/starter/ Substitution in any form. The DP and the Flex are sort of joined to the hip in regard to the batting order. Again the role of the DP and that of the FLEX never gets terminated. If you are looking for training videos, then you found them. If the two players are in the game, the Flex takes the tenth position in the batting order and this means the Flex will not bat. Besides, the DP is able to play the defense position for any player that is in the top nine batting order positions. �%s��l���p0p�:~)G�C��huZ�-�J�XV���TT�C�_����S����1�!��V��V.t�[TIL�:^�e����c!¨��r7���PӍKLY. DP goes in to pitch and Flex leaves the game. 1 0 obj Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. The DP for instance begins at the defensive position (F 10) which is basically the bench warming position. As a coach, if you have been in a situation somewhere late in the game where one of your players is unable to go into the field and you have exhausted all your substitutes, well stress no more as the DP/Flex rule allows you to proceed with nine players on defense. The DP is not left to play the defense position only. When the Flex steps in the field in offense for the DP, the Flex automatically replaces the DP in the batting order. The player playing the FLEX position can never be left to play the offense position only. %���� If you would like to order a NFHS Softball rule book you may do so by going to https://nfhs.com and selecting the 2020 Softball Rules Book. In the scenario where the Flex re-enters the game on defense and is permitted to do this only once in a game, the DP goes back to playing offense and the lineup of nine players now grows back into ten players. %���� I travel all over the country filming great fastpitch softball clinics just for you. Dos and Don’ts Substitutes/Batting Order Any team incorporating the DP rule begins the game with ten, but the team is allowed to continue playing or conclude the game with either nine or ten players. A FLEX may bat for a DP (in which case the DP has left the game and must use a re-entry to come back in), or the DP can play defense for the FLEX (and the FLEX leaves the game). Yy=��U��\����~��KS�R����|ĥٴ]��?�f��-��r���Ų��S���z��C��,W�zٴ��O�뛛�n����?\�7����,a��]MWK�Y/���t~����Y.v���U�f��}v�ڵ��?�]���>�����O���_~�4��z�m����|�L��M�n1Ͷi�岙n�����������읫�e�~���b�UV��� �K؜o�����'����zQO����nf��_��]��Kr��l3�,�'�R'w����URR\/(�����f]R�J�xU���M��7���wWU�����u=�5�|Hj���_�O��'x�]n�� �Js��f.>~H?^�`�p The lineup now moves from nine players back up to ten players. Remember, NCAA rules do not allow a team to play short handed. <> For this entire discussion it is assumed that the team starts with the DP/Flex option. When the DP assumes the defense position for any other player besides the FLEX, the player still bats and will not have left the game. In Softball, the DP rule replaces the DH associated with baseball. DP/FLEX RULE Basic Utilization Strategies for Coaches The following are basic strategies a coach might utilize to match the skills of the DP and FLEX players to complement one another. stream The Flex then will assume back the original tenth position. If you’re a designated player playing turn for a hitter or in the offense team, you’ll be known as the “pinch runner” or “pinch hitter”.eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'inningace_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',120,'0','0'])); DP Flex Rule USSSA and DP Flex Rule Softball NCAA basically say that the only person that can play pinch runner, and this is the person in defense (known as the flex), that this pinch runner replaced. endobj Option 4: DP/Flex and the EP/EH- This allows you to have 11 players listed on the lineup, only 10 will bat any 9 of these players can play defensively.