Catra being the driving force behind Adora finally transforming into She-Ra again? Adora being the only person that could bring Catra out from being mind controlled? hold the fuck up. I can only see a very limited and increasingly fewer number of ways Catra can come out of this and turn things around and redeem herself without lopping off the top of her Maslow’s Hierarchy, destroying her sense of self-respect and relegating herself to being “the sidekick” in She-Ra’s vast, inescapable shadow the way she’s always feared. You’re lucky these old fuckers are holding me back, I swear to God!”, ok but pLEAAAAAAAAAASE scroll down and see the process gifs, i’m losing my mind over the original sketch for this, Okay but this applies to all of this artist’s drawings apparently because, I love how the dude with the stick in the original sketch is giving them the middle finger. legally?? Your reuqested data doesn't seem to exist. all posts relating to the new season will be tagged with #spop spoilers as well as #spop s5 so you can block one or both tags to avoid spoilers, noelle being cryptic as usual, get on this theorists. Imagine Zuko and Sokka end up in the Cave of Two Lovers and are trying to get out and Zuko not-so-subtly just wants to kiss Sokka to get out and Sokka’s just like “alright, I know what to do” *strums guitar* “BADGERMOLESSSSSSS” Your face right now is almost better than applause. What wants does she have, outside of being She-Ra and working for others? And one of the worst things that Shadow Weaver did, I think, is set two best friends against each other like this, to the point where Catra’s damage has put a gulf between them that she can’t cross without hurting her own selfhood too badly to recover from, and which Adora can’t bridge because she doesn’t even fully understand it. can yall stop writing paragraphs on here. i love this but consider: priest at adora & catra’s wedding: “Do you, Catrina Applesauce Meowmeow, take Princess Ad-“ glimmer: hold up. wait. This is the answer. TL,DR: my poor little gay babies are screwed up in the head and I love them both and want them to be happy but I’m not sure they’ll get there. I don’t want her to just accept a place as Adora’s sidekick, because even with a big speech about how she’s not a sidekick and Adora values all her friends and is just the first among equals in the princesses and so on, functionally speaking she’d still be playing second-string. What Catra thinks is “I have to jump twice as high to get half the recognition” (which is already an injustice to begin with), is actually “You will never get recognition because you are not the favorite.”. hold the fuck up. fucking die. adora, posing with her wedding ring: actually it’s She-Ra Meowmeow, Princess of Power :) glimmer: die. That fierce sense of knowing she’s been unjustly put down. Favourites. wait a fuc- But like Adora herself, I still love Catra and hold out hope for a redemption arc, and I think it’s worth talking about why. account may be dead but my love for them is not. hold the fuck up. One of my favourite things about Catra is that she refuses to accept that just because Adora’s a demigoddess, everyone else is less important. Fandom blog 20 yrs late. adora: my wife, catrina applesauce meowmeow-happysmile rainbowfist. bitch i cannot read. 80sanime, Źródło: I’m sure most folks reading this can name half a dozen characters just off the top of their heads who’ve adhered to this exact formula. Definitely check out her work and comission a beautiful piece for yourself! glimmer: im the queen right can I change their names?? hold the fuck up. STAR TREK: DISCOVERYS03E05 • “Die Trying”, Hugh is really out there, getting all the good lines in Star Trek Discovery, huh? She wants to be in charge. Catra is every younger sibling who has to get out from the shadow of their superstar older sister/brother. Adora learns about object permanence and Catra has to come and save baby Finn because her wife is an idiot, This is canonically how Catra and Adora probably talk to Finn, mami is a fun tree to climb (as the wife and the child).