The pathos of these works on paper is poignantly close to that elicited by CROSSROADS. CROSSROADS, 1976. Restauré par les Archives UCLA FIlm & Television. Bruce Conner's Crossroads and the Nuclear Sublime By William C. Wees My God, it’s beautiful. From San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) , Bruce Conner, CROSSROADS (1976), Film, black and white, sound Bruce Conner: CROSSROADS opens at the Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles on November 8 and will be on view until December 20. Pinault Collection. I went to the still-newish Whitney Museum in New York City two days ago, and at the end of my visit of its current exhibitions, I walked into a darkened screening room showing Bruce Conner’s 1976 film CROSSROADS. Operation Crossroads was the code name for the first two of twenty-three nuclear weapons tests the United States conducted at Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific between 1946 and 1958. Vidéoprojection, film 35mm transcodé, durée 37’ Musique originale : Patrick Gleeson, Terry Riley. No, it’s terrible. Crossroads is a 1976 short film directed by Bruce Conner. Bruce Conner, CROSSROADS … Bruce Conner, CROSSROADS (still), 1976. Bruce conner La Collection Pinault a prêté CROSSROADS de Bruce Conner pour l’exposition « Beat Generation » au Centre Pompidou. (Two responses prompted by the world’s first nuclear explosion.) Conner’s innovative film works, often utilizing montaged shots from pre-existing footage … About Bruce Conner. Born in 1933, internationally recognized American artist, Bruce Conner is best known for his assemblages, surrealist sculptures, avant-garde short films and detailed paintings and drawings. It features 36 minutes of extreme slow-motion replays of the July 25, 1946 Operation Crossroads Baker … It’s 37 minutes long; I started it in the middle. Philippe-Alain Michaud, commissaire de l’exposition, revient sur l’histoire et la portée de cette œuvre majeure. Crossroads 1976-Bruce Conner-Biennale AC Lyon.