Imagine needing to farm him to get dimension shift so you can get to final boss. To my knowledge, the update doesn't fix runs that were already started before the uodate was installed. I did play it before the update and tried it again afterward so maybe there might be some inconsistencies that resulted. Hi all. I did notice that Zepar, Andrealphus and Bloodless had their Shard entries ???? Even equipped with the currently best obtainable weapon, Zangetsuto, my attacks only deal 30-40 damage each, while his hit for over 150. Good news! 1,638,978,432 is the seed number. I went back and tried to fight some of the harder enemies in Garden of Behemoths, but decided to take a break. But at my level, with my low quality of gear, it seems almost impossible. © Valve Corporation. Also discuss if you've been playing randomizer recently since the update. Obviously, the answer is to simply beat him and hope he drops a progression Shard. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Only thing I can come up so far is abusing jumpkick but it's a glitch and I don't believe that's the option here. I'm really enjoying the randomizer mode for this game, but I seem to consistently get stuck with very challenging progression locks. All rights reserved. I haven't hit them all yet but found a few I missed so far with no results as well as a couple chests I overlooked. I'm going to be fiddling with it a bit to find a happy place for random settings, required shards are a guaranteed drop from their enemy. Good to know at any rate. I've found the ultimate cheese seed on Randomizer Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night PlayStation 4 . Nothing in any of the crumble spots, craftables and enemy drops. i looked for the Bromide in Livre and Twin Towers but no luck. one of them had the Red Umbrella for some raseon but no Bromide still... Maybe i should play the seed again from the beginning? I set everything to all random and I'm only missing the Dimension Shift shard to finish. Played a bit with a seed of mine that i never found the Silver Bromide (could complete the game by glitching through the gate to get on the train) i found the Invert in the place Melodia mentioned above (i already had it). The only thing I've seen anyone find is two things: That's good to know. so i restarted my previously unbeatable seed, to see if it is now beatable. I'll keep at it. ). Bromide of course isn't nessesarily required to finish a random seed. What's more, the game has given me the Warhorse Key, and the only enemy left I haven't gotten a shard from is Revenant. Any idea what those look like? Revenant doesn't have the shard you need! again, so I'm pretty sure if it works that way there's no helping this seed. The current seed I'm on is kind of busted. Although, those bosses locking progression super early on could be a real problem with any settings which allow it. Have you checked to be sure you've hit EVERY crumble spot? Patch says something about safety chests/lamp on previously unwinnable seeds? A lot of the trouble, really comes more from the settings moreso than the seed in general as far as I can tell. Why was the CO-OP mode scrapped and thrown away silently. That kinda makes sense, I think one of the bosses I already beat had their shard data become "???" The current seed I'm on is kind of busted. First things first, you’re going to need to make your way to the Ex Livre Machina section of the map. I also dont mind starting over even though I've come so far and I'm playing on Hard., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Bloodstained community. I've had Silver Bromide in first and 2 chests, Zangetsu in 3rd, im just really trying for that accelerator from that specific enemy. and "Silver Bromide cannot spawn in Den of Behemoths/Glacial Tomb IF Zangetsutou is in Bridge of Evil/Sorcery Lab." Check out this guide to find out where to find the Silver Bromide in Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night.