Most importantly however, GRIPS™ can help to reduce costs by identifying high-cost compliance items and significantly reduce the time taken to prepare data submissions. Email:, Ireland Data has become one of our modern society most critical and valuable resource. Method for interlinking technical data and system for operating and observing an industrial plant. Each iDMS system allows tailoring according to customer needs. hydraulic wrenches. Status of reactor physics activities on cross section generation andfunctionalization for the prismatic very high temperature reator, anddevelopment of spatially-heterogenerous codes. Tel: +353 1 4100618 Bespoke solutions - special adaptations to client needs, for example: Export and import of data to asset management systems; Exporting data to populate customer documentation Rail Path and Machinery Pad Milling or Machining, Download documentation and watch related videos. The program is specifically designed to provide the correct information needed by technicians, and remove all possibility of guesswork and/or incorrect procedures. ", KE LS MW SD SZ UG AT BE CH DE DK ES FI FR GB GR IE IT LU MC NL PT SE BF BJ CF CG CI CM GA GN ML MR NE SN TD TG, AM AT AU BB BG BR BY CA CH CN CZ DE DK EE ES FI GB GE HU JP KE KG KP KR KZ LK LR LT LU LV MD MG MN MW MX NO NZ PL PT RO RU SD SE SI SK TJ TT UA UZ VN, Integrated data management system for nuclear power plant co mponents. Together, all IPMS components reduce transaction processing overhead, enhance IDM's purpose is to: GRIPS. Its analytical usefulness and potential impact or benefits are however directly proportional to its overall quality. Europe & North America EPR Compliance - Fashion Retailer, Link packaging specifications to ERP, MRP or Stock Control systems, Accurately calculate packaging obligations, Produce compliance reports quickly and simply, Provide a secure storage repository for your data. Reactor physics assessment of thick silicon carbide clad PWR fuels, Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of commercial reactor criticals for burnup credit, Sodium Fast Reactor Gaps Analysis of Computer Codes and Models for Accident Analysis and Reactor Safety, Strategies for application of isotopic uncertainties in burnup credit, Estimation of Inherent Safety Margins in Loaded Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Casks, French calculation schemes for light water reactor analysis, US Commercial Spent Nuclear Fuel Assembly Characteristics-1968-2013, VISION–verifiable fuel cycle simulation of nuclear fuel cycle dynamics. For best results the iDMS system should be implemented at the start of a project from design and construction and continue through to installation and eventual decommissioning. iDMS is designed to store the entire lifecycle data relating to every critical bolted joint on an installation. It provides managers and technicians with essential information about joint components used in assembly, plus it specifies the tools and the torque or tension values to deliver a leak-free joint. In 2005 Greenstreets developed its own purpose-designed software - GRIPS™. Integrated data management. iDMS can be automatically linked to the project piping specifications. Deutschland Interfaces - iDMS can be interfaced to packages such as PDMS or PDS pipeline design systems. Integrated Data Management Services Turning your data into high quality products. Download and watch related documents and videos: Discuss your requirements with your local Hydratight representative ». Online (HROnline - iMatrix 728) system, and the Executive Agency Personnel Support (EAPS - iMatrix 2738) system. Bespoke solutions - special adaptations to client needs, for example: HypurJoint provides a system to import drawings into the iDMS system. Canada The iDMS Core package will provide users with the following benefits and services: Each iDMS system allows tailoring according to customer needs. By entrusting your compliance reporting to Greenstreets, you can be assured that your annual registration and reporting will be correctly managed, using up to date and accurate data. What is Extended Producer Responsibility? In 2005 Greenstreets developed its own purpose-designed software - GRIPS™. Centralized data management system for nuclear power plant components. The iDMS Core package includes a database which is fully interactive with Informate. You are also assured of continuity in the event of key staff moving to new roles, which might otherwise leave your business exposed in terms of complying with the regulations. The system can be supplied as a single user package or as a multi user system installed on a network. A users guide for the REBUS-PC code, version 1.4. This integrated Data management system, which underpins our EPR Reporting service was originally designed to: More recently additional capability was added to enable GRIPS to manage other waste types including Electronic Waste, Batteries and Textiles. This assists in the initial building and population of the database. Services - Inquest Science - Integrated Data Management System | “Big Data” is the new buzz word in the pharmaceutical industry and the term refers to capturing as much information as available from all sources possible to build comprehensive knowledge about a product or process.This approach has evolved because cloud computing and inexpensive data storage memory is now readily available. Recording and storing of all data relating to the controlled tightening of critical joints, Control and calculation of joint tightening data either by the inbuilt functionality of Informate or for special joints by recording the calculation source, Source of controlled joint tightening procedures, Work pack management system for planning, controlling and recording work on critical joints, Inspection module within the work pack manager allows recording of N2He tests, visual inspections and hydro testing of the joint, System to record and manage exceptions and non-standard joints, Means of recording leaks and the actions taken to prevent recurrence, Colour coding of the joint allows an instant method of reviewing the status, Export and import of data to asset management systems, Exporting data to populate customer documentation, Colour coding of the joint provides an instant review of the status, The HypurJoint module is an add-on graphical package, Drawings in electronic format can be imported into iDMS, Hotspots are then created on the drawings, which are linked to the joint data in iDMS. Work packs can be created directly from the drawing: Joints can be easily selected by clicking on the joint on the drawing. Method and apparatus for facilitating recovery of nuclear fuel from a fuel pool, Scenario dynamic simulation of feasibility indicators of power production structure life cycle and hardware-software complex to this end, Method for the dynamic scenario modeling of technical and economic indicators of the life cycle of a power engineering facility, and software/hardware system for implementing same, Design method for nuclear reactor fuel management, Method and system for assessing plant parameters and performance over a global network, Electromagnetically driven transport device and weighing apparatus using the same, Environmental permit web portal with data validation capabilities, System and method for an online jurisdiction manager, Reactor fuel reprocessing method, processing sequence determination method, fuel processing planning apparatus and program, System and method for continuous optimization of control-variables during operation of a nuclear reactor, Method and apparatus for adaptively determining weight factors within the context of an objective function. Integrated data management system for nuclear power plant components The result is a system where joints are properly installed and certified, giving assets improved leakage, safety and environmental performance with reduced costs. iDMS can aid planning, ensure joint integrity, and can reduce construction and maintenance schedules and costs. United Kingdom The core applications receive data from Global Employment Management System (GEMS). IDM consists of an integrated, modular environment to manage enterprise application data, and optimize data-driven applications over its lifetime. This will then display the joint data. We supply all the tools and manpower you need to do the job. The Gripping Socket™The Gripping Socket™ has been designed to grip on to a nut during the bolting operation thus reducing the need for manual stabilisation when operating square drive (SQ.DR.) Nuclear reactor reload licensing analysis system and method, Method and apparatus for evaluating a proposed solution to a constraint problem for a nuclear reactor involving channel deformation, Automated tracking and storage system for use with an automated thermal battery manufacturing system, Evaluation system for decommissioning waste from nuclear reactor and evaluation method for the same, Method of improving the spent nuclear fuel burnup credit, The spent fuel management and automatic nuclear cross-section input data generation method for nuclear reactor core design, Managing inspection, test, analys, and acceptance criteria (itaac) activities, systems and methods, Methods and systems for improving vehicle searches, SYSTEM AND APPARATUS FOR OBTAINING DATA OF FACILITY AND SENSOR BASED ON INDUSTRIAL IoT SERVICE, Machine implemented system for determining compliance of a complex process plant with technical specifications, System for automatic refueling of a nuclear reactor, A method for storing data in a memory and a computer system for carrying out the method, Automated nuclear fuel rod pattern loading system, Computer system and method for waste accounting, reduction, and evaluation, Cask transport, storage, monitoring, and retrieval system, Reactor physics methods and analysis capabilities in SCALE, User's guide for the REBUS-3 fuel cycle analysis capability, ORIGEN2: a versatile computer code for calculating the nuclide compositions and characteristics of nuclear materials, Design and licensing strategies for the fluoride-salt-cooled, high-temperature reactor (FHR) technology, Design strategies for optimizing high burnup fuel in pressurized water reactors, Validation of the SCALE system for PWR spent fuel isotopic composition analyses, Transmutation Dynamics: Impacts of Multi-Recycling on Fuel Cycle Performances, OECD/NEA burnup credit calculational criticality benchmark phase IB results.