Every 30-day retreat is hosted in a different location. As a co-living space, they provide meals, airport pick-up services, SIM cards, laundry services, social activities and much more. Each location is much bigger than a house, so that we can comfortably support a large, diverse community with plenty of gathering spaces for events, meetings and classes, for both members and neighbors. One of their most outstanding locations in the tree-house-style Mission Valley that offers open plan desks with exercise balls and a swimming pool. The Outsite platform offers you a “workation” experience that seamlessly combines the convenience of Airbnb and co-working. Along with being all about community, this coworking space is only steps away from the beach, where unlimited surfing with CsC is provided. No Commute: You don’t need to wake up early in the morning, rush to catch the... Nomad House. Common differentiates itself from other co-living spaces by focusing their attention onto detail and design. Hammocks are also available for lounging and working, making BeacHub the ultimate beachfront coworking space. Part of HuffPost Home & Living. All rights reserved. The company has facilities in New York, Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco. They own and operate all their properties so you can feel at home with sustainable, high-quality facilities. Others even organize for shorter-term workspaces and accommodation around the globe. They want to inspire you to always push your boundaries towards the unknown and seize the opportunities of today. Think of Miami, Bali, Tokyo, and London! Get your own .Store domain, starting at $4.99. It presents itself as a shared flexible meeting and workspace where women entrepreneurs can collaborate in a productive, professional, spa-like environment. With seven stories of working spaces (including recording studios used by the likes of Orson Welles, Lucille Ball, and Bob Dylan), NeueHouse members are often involved in the film, design, fashion, architecture, and publishing industries of Los Angeles, creating an eclectic crowd of artists and entrepreneurs. Often the business occupies the ground level and the “home” part takes up the second floor. And did we mention they serve PHILZ coffee? Beautifully designed and decorated, this unique coworking space provides the perfect combination of retreat and socialization. The Sun and Co. community is made up of like-minded entrepreneurs sharing working and living spaces, and ideas. Ergonomically designed and beautifully decorated, The Work Project pulls out all the stops for its members, including custom-blended tea, a customized music selection, mail handling, and a carefully curated daily food selection. Nov 4, 2020 - Explore EmKat 58's board "Live-Work Spaces That Work", followed by 518 people on Pinterest. Located a short walk from Downtown Toronto, Workplace One’s locale is as attractive as its interior (dozens of designer shops and artisanal cafes surround the area). This two-story venue is surrounded by lush, tropical gardens, filled with air-conditioned conference rooms, and contains both open spaces and nooks for collaborative or individual work. The pool. This lifestyle is all about agility: Being able to live out of a suitcase for a long while or a little while. They have a hip approach with a youthful appeal that injects some of their personality into pretty much everything. BoxJelly is Hawaii’s first coworking space, and the founder has placed an emphasis on the community aspect of coworking, helping to foster a safe space for collaboration and networking between members and non-members alike. AngkorHUB is named after the renowned temple, Angkor Wat, and is located in the middle of Siem Reap, Cambodia. This is a place for entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, location independent workers and pretty much anyone to find leisure and work-life balance. Rounded up below are 20 of the best coworking spaces in the world, taking into account aesthetics, wifi capabilities, location, and communities. The... Plaza Mexico—5 Unit/7 Unit. See more ideas about house design, live work space, design. The facility is located in a unique villa in San Juan del Sur, along the coastline of Juan Bay. Selina was founded in Panama and has now quickly grown to the current 13 locations with more on the way. Only a one-minute walk from Echo Beach, Dojo offers a versatile workspace for freelancers wanting to create an enjoyable work-life balance. You’ll find NeueHouse in the heart of Hollywood in the landmarked CBS Radio Building. Work and life are now more flexible than ever, especially for digital entrepreneurs. Only sign one lease, and you can live around the world. As a co-working space, they allow drop-in sessions and provide high-speed internet, desks, chairs, Skype booths for private calls and air conditioning. That, plus the bills, are all taken care of. Combining the best of physical and virtual environments, OPEN is Johannesburg’s gem coworking space. Cambodia tends to have occasional power and internet outages but thankfully, AngkorHUB has backup 4G internet and power generators that automatically pick up in case of internet or power outages. The Bay Area’s Parisoma meets all of these needs for its coworking members, and then some. A main room, loft, organic cafe, garden area, conference room, meeting room, and Skype booth make up the Bali facilities, and Hubud even offers coliving packages that include accommodations, a rental scooter, airport pickup, and an unlimited coworking space membership. Need somewhere to park your bike? Originally written by Chelsey Grasso on Remote.com, Connecting 2 million+ professionals with remote and freelance jobs. Offering coworking space, desk rentals, and even studio space, you really have your pick of arrangements here. 8 Live/Work Spaces We'd Move Into in a Heartbeat 1. Facilitated by advances in technology and options available to build a variety of online businesses, many digital nomads are blending work and life, choosing to explore the world, while continuing to work. With their platform, you get access to connections, visibility and educational workshops within the community. You’ll find Patchwork in the heart of Paris. While it might be situated in the world’s busiest concrete jungle, The Farm creates a friendly, relaxed working space that provides a warm interior reminiscent of a farmhouse and an even warmer community of supportive members. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. A fresh, daily lunch is available on-site for those who are interested. Unsettled is for those nomadic entrepreneurs who value meaningful human connections and embracing uncertainty. Sun and Co. is the first co-working and co-living community in the entirety of the Mediterranean Coast. They offer some very handy features such as Wi-Fi, weekly cleaning, laundromat facilities, kitchens, and amazingly designed common spaces and rooms. Ideally located in the center of town, down the street from city hall in Milpitas, Calif., these... Casa Trabajar. Essentially they are large homes that accommodate a certain number of digital entrepreneurs (usually 10-20), providing each entrepreneur with a private bedroom and bathroom, while sharing other common areas, and with a particular focus on space to get work done. The company was founded in San Diego and has quickly expanded to six other locations including Sweden, Uppsala, and soon Irvine and Atlanta. CoworkingC is your spot. Co-living gives you the opportunity to form a community anywhere you choose to be and co-working enables you to interact with other passionate entrepreneurs. Members work at a beachfront shared desk, have beach and shower access, and can dine at Karma Beach Kafe (one of Thailand’s finest dining establishments). You can get a mix of beaches, islands, urban city centers and tropical jungles across their various locations so you’ll never get bored. Matthew Trzebiatowski and his wife, Lisa, partnered... 2. As a member of the Common community, you get access to all the four locations and you can drop in anytime you’re around. Need somewhere that balances hi-speed wifi with island life? This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform.