Argan oil contains a large number of healing properties, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of us have naturally oiler skin than others. You also need to know how to choose the best argan oil to reap maximum benefits. Argan oil has both antibacterial and fungicidal properties. Apart from your regular medication, using argan oil can reduce the redness of the itchy flaky skin, soothing your skin, locking in the moisture, and maintaining your skin’s barrier function. Using it in your everyday skin routine can make a lot of difference to your overall skin appearance. If there is any lack of sufficient evidence, we make sure we mention it. Your feedback helps us serve you better and maintain a long-term relationship with the most important people in our business – you. For best results, apply pure argan oil directly to patches of skin affected by psoriasis. Argan oil is all natural and needs no preservatives. Let us know by leaving in a message in the comments section below. The researchers found that participants who received the vitamin E saw a significant decrease in symptoms. Hyperpigmentation is usually caused due to an increase in the production and accumulation of melanin in your skin. You can take argan oil supplements orally or apply the oil topically to your skin for these benefits. Some individuals, however, may experience minor side effects as a result of its use. This can cause rashes or acne to form. After working in Marketing and Business Development for a few years, Pratima Ati jumped ship to pursue two things she loved – fashion and writing. Do not fall for anything that is incredibly cheap. Argan oil contains vitamin E and other fatty acids. In very rare cases, people may experience more severe side effects to the argan oil oral supplement. Best Cinthol Soaps And Shower Gels – Our Top 9, 10 Best Herbal Facials For You To Try In 2020. Though it was only ever supported by anecdotal evidence, a recent study with postmenopausal participants was able to back up this claim. Hyaluronic Acid: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits? Argan oil has long been used as an anti-aging treatment. It also has anti-sebum properties that can help in reducing greasiness and improve the appearance of oily skin (3). One study was conducted treating dermatitis patients with placebo or oral vitamin E, which is in abundance in argan oil. How Much Does It Cost? Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Heard of argan oil? What are the benefits? It’s also commonly mixed into a number of cosmetic products like shampoos, soaps, and conditioners. If you discover any discrepancy in our content, we welcome you to write to us. That, and her training in Indian classical music and playing (learning) the veena keep her sane, civil, and bearable. When used topically, argan oil may irritate the skin. One study found that a twice-daily application of cream that contained argan oil reduced significant sebum activity and oiliness within just four weeks. Whether used topically or ingested orally, argan oil is safe for most people to use. You can get these benefits by applying argan oil directly to the skin, taking oral supplement regularly, or both. Moroccan women have long used argan oil to protect their skin from sun damage, a practice was supported by a 2013 study. Apply argan oil to the affected area topically at least twice per day. It is neither too heavy nor too light. This is largely thanks to its abundance of vitamin E, which is a fat-soluble antioxidant that can help improve water retention in the skin. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and soothe acne (2). The strong combination of antioxidants and vitamin E found in argan oil can be used to help wounds and cuts heal faster. Argan oil is actually made from stone fruit, but it might still cause reactions in some people. They may recommend other treatment options — including prescription medications — to help resolve any conditions you’re experiencing. It's how we impact everyone around us. Sometimes, they pass off as poetry too! If you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking argan oil immediately. You can probably even replace your regular moisturizer with this one. Will rolling cool jade stones over your face really help your skin? It gets easily absorbed into your skin and is also highly moisturizing. It is the most effective on both the hair and the skin. You hardly need a drop or two for your face. These are known to be great for the skin. It can cause severe bloating, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or breakouts. As your ally, our communities connect you to others who may share…, The corpus spongiosum is yet another part of the male anatomy that facilitates sexual reproduction. These include confusion, difficulty sleeping, general malaise, overexcitement, depression, and agitation. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Atopic dermatitis is a common skin condition with symptoms like itchy, red skin. Scroll down to find answers to all of that and more. Don’t forget to line your pillow with an old pillowcase because it can leave stains behind. recent study with postmenopausal participants. Curious? This may be a more common reaction with those who have tree nut allergies. Argan oil is loaded with ingredients that are considered the best for maintaining your skin’s health (1). Both help reduce symptoms for a number of different inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis and rosacea. Research has found that applying argan oil topically to the affected area can help treat symptoms. Argan oil fortifies your skin, reduces inflammation, softens dry patches, and helps improve the overall skin health. Always do a patch test before you go all out with it. How can you use it at home? The different components in argan oil work collectively to inhibit the production of melanin. What Are the Benefits of Using Avocado Oil on My Skin? It can be applied topically or ingested orally with daily supplements for a moisturizing effect. Argan oil is perhaps most commonly used as a moisturizer. It hydrates, nourishes, and keeps your skin moisturized for a long time. Around 99% of argan oil is made up of triglycerides (oleic and linoleic acids), and the remaining 1% contains vitamin E, carotenoids, sterols, and polyphenols (1). Argan oil has anti-sebum effects, which can effectively regulate amounts of sebum on the skin. Stretch marks are particularly common during pregnancy, but anyone can experience them. 10 Best Cruelty-Free And Vegan Skin Care Brands – 2019, 10 Best Celebrity Skin Care Products To Buy in 2020. Do you use argan oil directly or indirectly in your routine? The following two tabs change content below. Its original pure argan oil has achieved cult status among beauty fanatics—but, especially when applied to the face, that original formulation can feel a little greasy. Argan oil contains a large number of healing properties, including antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It has powerful skin benefits thanks to several healing properties and vitamins that it contains. Rosacea may be best treated by taking oral supplements. Argan oil increases skin’s regeneration rate and improves its elasticity (4). So, how do you use argan oil for your face? Around 99% of argan oil is made up of triglycerides (oleic and linoleic acids), and the remaining 1% contains vitamin E, carotenoids, sterols, and polyphenols (1). She sleeps early, reads often, and when she can't, she finally gives a closure to all the characters living in her drafts. If you are ingesting argan oil, observe how your body is reacting to it. This provided an effective anti-aging treatment. Argan oil has traditionally been used both topically and orally to improve the health of skin, hair, and nails.