Applebee's made the best comeback of 2018. since. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories, We tried every single appetizer at Applebee's, and ranked them from worst to best. This time, I got more of a cheesy taste, but the cream flavor still dominated. With a menu that includes classic bar fare like buffalo wings, lighter options like soup and salad, and Tex-Mex dishes like brisket tacos, it makes sense that the casual-dining chain is famous for its shareable starters. Crispy bacon chunks and shredded cheese top the dish for a concoction that can best be described as a warm hug for your taste buds. I felt like I was able to taste the subtle flavors of the queso blanco a lot more since it had no ground-beef topping. I also enjoyed the way the salty, bacon flavor permeated through the soup with every bite, even after we ate all of it off the top. Even though the only real difference between this dish and the brisket version was the type of meat, I felt like I was eating an entirely different dish. These rings did not disappoint. In my opinion, the layers of spice from the jalapeno and pico de gallo only enhanced the flavors of the chicken. Although these aren't my favorite pretzels in the world (shout-out to Auntie Anne's), they are still a delicious item on Applebee's menu. I think if you like the flavor of beer, you'll definitely appreciate the chain's take on pub cheese. Hints of herbs, garlic, and lemon came through with each bite, which made it taste homemade. The sauce definitely had a nice kick to it, but it wasn't super spicy, either. Applebee's Caesar salad came out with no surprises: a blend of chopped romaine, croutons, and freshly shaved parmesan cheese all tossed in a creamy, caesar dressing. Some locations drizzle the honey barbecue sauce on top while others toss the wings in the sauce. Add fries, veggies, mac & cheese and more from our extras menu or pair with a great appetizer. The crispy wonton tacos, bone-in wings, and Brew Pub. The chocolate chip cookie sundae made me into the person I am today. It had a kick to it that awakened my taste buds and had me practically scraping the bottom of the ramekin for more. We all agreed that the dip might taste better on top of macaroni or some other carb — but as a standalone dip with chips, it wasn't our favorite. The white-corn chips, however, were light and perfectly salted. We spent two days and over $150 trying every single app on the menu and then ranked them from worst to best. It’s definitely a large meal. It's got a luscious, creamy texture with a slight bitterness that brings out the salt on the pretzel. Applebee's is famous for its boneless wings and I can definitely see why. In my opinion, this appetizer also gets bonus points for its generous portion size, which makes the dish quite the bargain at $6.99. Applebee's house salad is essentially a bed of romaine topped with diced tomatoes and cucumbers, croutons, and your choice of ranch, honey mustard, blue cheese, a Tex-Mex ranch, or oriental vinaigrette. For appetizers, you should eat the honey BBQ boneless wings, the chicken quesadillas, and the spinach and artichoke dip. I recommend adding bacon for extra flavor, but the dish is also served with fries that are perfectly seasoned. Applebee's serves a no-frills cheeseburger that is consistently delicious. To the novice, Applebee's boneless wings might seem like chicken nuggets, but they're so much more than that. For the most part, quesadillas are pretty straightforward, and it's their simplicity that makes them beloved by both kids and adults. I know it was in there somewhere, buried beneath the layers of spinach and cheese, but I found myself checking the menu to make sure that it was, in fact, called "spinach and artichoke dip.". Here's how the restaurant chain turned around. Visit Insiders home page for more stories. It buried the flavors of the brisket and cheese and diced tomatoes kept falling out of the side of my quesadilla while I ate it. and send your There will be the you before you took a bite of this chocolate heaven, and there will be the you after. If you're looking for an appetizer that's reliably good that everyone will like, I'd say definitely order this during a visit. It also shifts the focus away from the dipper itself and onto the blend of warm, gooey cheese and spinach. In my opinion, whoever thought to use these in place of a tortilla is a genius, since these crispy shells held all of the ingredients without crumbling. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. But as far as the quesadilla itself goes, I really liked the use of shredded beef brisket. They are all served with some combination of garlic mashed potatoes, broccoli, and fries. Subscribe to our daily newsletter to get more of it. Choose a side from this special Applebee's menu that compliments your chosen entrée and priced to accompany that main dish option. But as far as the quesadilla itself goes, I really liked the use of shredded beef brisket. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? Instead of being paired with pita or bread, Applebee's dip comes in a ceramic ramekin alongside a generous portion of white-corn tortilla chips and a side of its house salsa.