A nice little blue light special for racing fans. You could imagine its like F-zero. [Majesco], This game ROCKS!!! Bigger, tougher, more diverse and memorable courses meet an even higher difficulty level. Based on the podracing scene in the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Racer is a fast-paced arcade-style racing game where players pilot dangerous anti-gravity vehicles known as "podracers". there's sooo much I havent explained about the track editor but trust me its ReaIIIILLLY BIG!!! They can also be outfitted with weapons, making each race fast and nerve-wracking. MotorStorm's next mission is battling the frozen wasteland of Alaska's Arctic Edge. Futuristic, sci-fi themed racing game featuring ridiculously fast motorcycles (of sorts) that can travel in excess of 1000 mph. Ive spent 40 hours on it so far and i have just started playing the game (well i beat all the races.) Race head-to-head, up to 8 drivers online, up to 2 offline. October 20, 2009. With 45 futuristic race circuits to negotiate, you can corkscrew, jump, barrel roll, and loop like never before. Metacritic Game Reviews, HSX HyperSonic.Xtreme for PlayStation 2, All out anti-gravity racing at its best. They’re known as anti-gravity racing games. A futuristic hovercraft racing game in the vein of the popular Wipeout series. and you can change the ground to snowy or braked earth, themes like that. The track editor is awesome, Excite Bike anyone? HSX is Majesco's new futuristic, anti-gravity racing game for PS2 that borrows heavily from such classics as Wipeout and F-Zero. Good racing game for weekend racers. Good racing game for weekend racers. meaning turning the degrees of your track up or down,left,right,side to side. You can also makeyour own cups and tracks which can be very fun. Galaxy 5000 is a unique NES racing game with a 3/4 viewpoint. like different bridges style and a audience and lights on your track and buidings and trees and bill boards and many other stuff. Critic Reviews It isn't, though, and the game isn't much fun because of it. :), Free (& Subscription) Games for All Platforms: New & Upcoming, What to Watch Now on HBO Max and the HBO App, December Preview: 16 TV Shows & New Movies to Watch at Home, Music title data, credits, and images provided by, Movie title data, credits, and poster art provided by. Giant Bomb users. just make sure it has a 100% feed back and in good condition. What's this? Whiplash is an intense arcade racer, pitting you against over a dozen other cars at high speed, through loops and around corkscrews as you defy gravity and the laws of physics. You can choose from all over the. Race and do tricks in this hoverboard game from Human. This game upped the ante with a refined and more forgiving play mechanic, more visual effects, and an increased selection of licensed music. Hi-Octane is a futuristic racing game with hover cars, similar to the Wipeout games. Generally favorable reviews- based on 7 Ratings, Idiot Prayer: Nick Cave Alone at Alexandra Palace. If you have younger kids and you want to get them something safe to play, easy to learn, and won’t break the bank than Hypersonic Extreme may be the title to check out. based on Concept » A futuristic way of racing where the race crafts hover over the ground and race at extreme high speeds. Players race and combat opponents in this 3D futuristic racer. What not many are telling you is that this game only sux if you are a hard core racing. You could imagine its like F-zero. The game was the first to be developed by the newly renamed Sony Studio Liverpool. Quasi sequel to the original game released exclusively for the Satellaview. and its vary easy to do. This is a great game for a starting price of. Futuristic hoverbike racing taken to the next level. and the EXSLUSIVE! I love these kind of racing games and there are only two of its kind, and that' s f-zero x. Just press the R2 or L2 for when you are going too fast or hard turns. I like this game very much. If the gameplay in HSX was even half as good as the track editor is, the folks who make Wipeout would be truly scared. CyberSpeed is a futuristic racing game from Mindscape. A continuation of the F-Zero franchise and one of the few launch titles for the Game Boy Advance. Track editor is well worth the price of admissions. Based on the podracing scene in the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Racer is a fast-paced arcade-style racing game where players pilot dangerous anti-gravity vehicles … Wipeout Fusion matches its new features with new dance soundtracks from such electronic music artists as Orbital, Plump DJs, and Timo Maas. Anti-Gravity Racing. What not many are telling you is that this game only sux if you are a hard core racing gamer nerd. Stay on the track and come in first place is your mission. like most level editors like in tony hawk, the track building is total manual control. It is set in the year 2160 and revolves around players competing in the corrupt F9000 anti-gravity racing league. The racing is fun, although when you go too fast or go over certain parts of track, the steering goes outta control, and it was intentional in the game. PlayStation gamers may have got Wipeout Omega Collection to meet their anti-gravity needs but Redout is better, and on Xbox One it’s the only anti-gravity racing game worth considering.